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OR TO MY bedroom, but you’ll get what I’m saying when you see what went down in my foyer last week.  BOOM:

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

I know, I know.  Some of you must have thought I was suffering from an extreme case of SAD when you saw that I went WHITE in the foyer.  But never fear, there’s a method to my madness.  Here’s a little recap of the evolution of the entry for those of you just joining my mad tea party:


Foyer Before


Embrace My Space: White Out


Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

Going white was just the first step in my ever-evolving plan to make over this enormous space.  I’d always envisioned the railing being a bold hue.  I chose white so the railing would have maximum impact!

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

Believe it or not, I actually toyed with the idea of painting the railing lime green but I just couldn’t do it.  Teal and turquoise are my safe colors.  I KNOW that I will love them every time and for a long time, which is really important when undertaking a project like this!

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

I enlisted the help of my painter, Alisa of Stehman Interiors, for this project.  Nowadays, any type of project that should require a day or two of work takes me a minimum of a month to complete.  Alisa always does great work and has the best recommendations on materials!  Since this is an area that will get a lot of wear and tear, Alisa used an adhesion primer called Stix.  Stix is water-based, super resilient and, in Alisa’s opinion, the best primer for the job.  The blue paint is Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel color-matched to Surf Blue by Benjamin Moore.  While Alisa prefers Sherwin Williams Super Paint for most projects, she went with the All Surface Enamel for this job because it is the least likely of the latex paints to chip and wear! All Surface Enamel is also one of the few Sherwin Williams paints that can be tinted to a very deep color.  One complaint Alisa has about the paint is that it doesn’t flow as nicely as Super Paint, leaving more visible brushstrokes.

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

Why not use oil-based paint, you ask?  One, because it’s super stinky.  No one wants to be inside painting with oil-based paint on a cold winter’s day with no fresh air blowing through open windows.  Two, it’s best to let oil-based paint dry for at least 24-hours.  In a house with two hairy cats rubbing up against everything and me with a baby walking up and down the steps a dozen times a day, an oil-based paint would just be setting us up for failure!  As a side note, Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel comes in latex and oil-based versions.

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

Now that the room is coming together our miniscule brass chandelier seems out of date and way too small for the space!  Replacing the chandelier with something unique and, of course, enormous is on my agenda.  Doing that for a reasonable amount of money will be the challenge.  Big chandeliers = big bucks!  I need to put my thrifty thinking cap on for this one.

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

On my to-do-immediately list is replacing this dirty bird carpet.  I was thinking it would be cool to do a patterned or striped stair runner.  But then I reigned myself in with a reminder that the wall beneath the chair rail is very likely to have a big, bold pattern in the near future.  Instead, after looking through several samples, I decided a subtle textured carpet that will give the illusion of a pattern without clashing with the pattern that will eventually grace the walls would be a safe bet.  Matt and I settled on this looped carpet from Shaw Floors.  It’s economical and easy to clean.  Win and win.  See how it has a bit of a striped look to it?  I like it.

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

Choosing the color was a bit difficult because the carpet needs to be neutral enough to work with our current downstairs (honey-colored hardwood) and upstairs flooring (beige, gag, carpet), as well as blend in with whatever flooring we decide on in the future.  I think the color we picked will do the trick.  It’s warm, not too light and not too dark.  The Goldilocks of the group.  I’m still debating whether the color directly above Goldi is better, but I’m thinking that one is just a bit too, well, gold…..I also think the color we picked goes with the overall coastal, casual theme of our place.  Just like sand.

So, would you dare to paint your railing a bold color like this?  How about my carpet selection?  Did I pick the right one or do you suggest something different?