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OF COURSE I always want to use art that works with my space, but today I’m talking about art that truly works for my space.  As in, it has a job to do and it gets it done!  Multifunctional pieces are a must in small spaces and when you have a small workhorse of a space like a laundry room this is even more important.

A few weeks back I posted about a DIY art project I made for my laundry room.  Some of you may have thought I was crazy spending so much time on art for my laundry room!  I’m sure there are very few people who actually like to be in the laundry room, so why would I want to spend time making art for a space you do your best to avoid?!?!

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Art

First of all I think working in a cheerful space makes crappy tasks more tolerable.  Art can go a long way in amping up the cheer-factor of any space.  Especially bright poppy art.  Exhibit A.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Folding Table

I mean look at this room before I painted it and hung my DIY canvas.

Laundry Room Before

And look at it now!  I think the citrus-inspired paint job and my bright DIY canvas make a huge difference in the space.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Folding Table

Now I actually smile when I walk into the laundry room.  But here’s the cool part.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Folding Table

That’s right.  My canvas conceals a hinged table that I can use to fold laundry right in the room!  No more piles of folded laundry in baskets all over my house.  Nope.  We are folding and going directly to the drawers now that I have this little number.  This is all part of my “let’s get a more organized life in 2014” project.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Folding TableThe table is attached to the back of the canvas and secured to the wall with picture hanging chain.  The chain is heavy enough that it folds in half nicely when the table is folded up so you don’t see anything sticking out from the sides of the canvas.

The two wooden panels are attached to the wall at the studs so this puppy aint going nowhere any time soon.  I could dance a jig on top of the table and it would stay put.  When the table is folded up, it’s secured with a window latch.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Folding Table

Eventually I’m going to paint the surface of the table and the wooden pieces attaching it to the wall.  I was just really excited to show you this project and couldn’t wait until it was finished!!  I have a few other things to show you in this space as well, but I’m still trying to get them into working order.  More to come soon!

Is this something you’d consider for your laundry room?  Where do you fold laundry now?