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HI THERE!  I decided to do something different and let someone else take the reigns today on the blog.  When Sue Jason, a blogger from My Bathrooms, asked if I’d like her to create a guest post for my readers I thought it was a great idea.  Since I haven’t started working on my own bathrooms yet, I’ve failed to provide my readers with the inspiration they may need for their own bathrooms!  Sue asked me what I’d like to share with my readers and, of course, I asked her to talk about color!  Read on to see what Sue has to say about making a splash in the bath with color!

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas about home improvement and decor. In this post I will tell you how you can make your bathrooms look more beautiful using color, as the right color scheme can make you happy!

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When it comes to decor, it is only too easy to play it safe and stick to the rather dull color combinations favored by home sellers and interior designers who are often more interested in presenting the space as a blank canvas, rather than as a fait accompli. The right color scheme can make you feel good, so do not be afraid to splash it around a bit – especially in the bathroom! You are not limited to keeping your color expression contained to the accessories, you can (and should!) carry your decor theme and color scheme into every corner and part of the bathroom!


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No matter what treatment you apply to the walls, floor and ceiling, make sure that you purchase cheerful and vibrant soft textiles that enhance and continue your chosen color scheme. These items include bath and pedestal mats, a floor mat, as well as any curtains or blinds that you want to hang in the windows. Choose colors that appeal to you personally and that harmonize beautifully with the colors you have chosen for the tiles or walls.

Stripes Away

Normally I would consider it over the top, but the stripes are pretty cool here.


Broad stripes are an excellent way to open up a small bathroom!  Choosing colors such as fresh mint green and white creates a crisp and clean appearance which is very attractive, easy to maintain and beautifully bright, inviting light and sunshine in.

Indulge Yourself!

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Since bathrooms are small you are more likely to get away with outré colors and decor schemes here than in any other room in the home. And, because bathrooms are high traffic areas that need touch-ups and renovations on a fairly regular basis, they are an even more logical choice for experimenting with color.

Think Outside the Box

Bathroom in a Los Angeles home with a glass enclosed combination tub and shower with bronze glazed tiles 


Try out counterintuitive color combinations, such as soft, warm chocolate brown with a range of pale and pretty pastels for a retro look or use a classic tile in a current color to create a unique, modern vibe.

Steer Clear of Sickly


While just about anything goes in bathroom decor, do avoid colors like yellow and green as these will reflect onto your skin and make you look ill! When choosing your bathroom colors, hold the sample boards close to your face and make sure that you will be happy to see your skin looking like that every day until the next renovation!

Worth Investing

Bathroom Decor : Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas With Blue Hexagon Tile Pattern And Blue Vintage Bathtub Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget For Best Wall Decor And Perfect Design


Every room deserves at least one beautiful stand-out feature that sets it apart from the rest; like these exquisite tiles from My bathrooms made of glass beads.  Choosing a material you love cannot fail to give any room a beautiful, vibrant air that repays its purchase price many times over!

A big THANK YOU to Sue for her inspiring ideas for the bathroom!  Anyone planning a trip to the hardware store this weekend to start your renovation? I’ll (hopefully) be finishing up a few projects around here before I start tackling something new!

Happy Spring everyone!