IF YOU’VE been visiting my blog you know that I’ve already made quite the transformation to my home office.  To refresh your memory, here’s what the office looked like before we moved in:

Embrace My Space:  Office Progress

And here are a few shots of what it looks like now (well, not right now, this was when it was very tidy for its photo shoot):

Embrace My Space:  Office ChandelierEmbrace My Space:  Office Progress

So far, we’ve:

  • Installed beadboard paneling (check out that process here)
  • Painted the walls and ceiling
  • Hung window treatments
  • Got a new bookcase
  • Got a new rug (read about my rug here)
  • Installed a whimsical chandelier (learn more here)

That’s A TON of work for a 10 x 10 space! But now it’s time for the tricky part: the desk.  Needless to say, I’m sick of this old IKEA desk.  It lacks interesting detail, color and, most important of all, storage!  I bought this desk when I was in law school, when all I really needed was a large surface to spread out my books, flashcards and laptop.  Now that I’m a real grown up with a desktop with two monitors and lots of bills to file, I need a real desk.

In order to maximize the space in the room, I’m thinking I either need a corner-hugging desk or a long desk that will span most of the back wall (where the desk is now) combined with a large storage console on the opposite wall.  I prefer the corner desk option because that will make maximum use of the small office.  Matt is convinced that if we get a desk it will have to be custom because of the size and shape of the room.  I’m determined to prove him wrong, not for the sake of proving him wrong, but to save some cash.  Here are some inspirational photos for the corner desk:

Bedford Corner Desk Set | Pottery Barn

This is the Bedford desk from Pottery Barn.  It’s simple and has plenty of options to configure the desk of your dreams.  I’ve been thinking that I’d set up a desk with two workstations so that computer work can be done on one side and paperwork can be done on the other.  What I don’t like about it is how the desktop is not a solid surface because of the desk’s modular style.  I’m also not totally crazy about the design.  I think it’s a bit generic looking.  Moving on to option two:

Whitney Corner Desk Set - Almond White | Pottery Barn

This is the Whitney desk, also from Pottery Barn.  I’m sure you already know that I like this desk because of the shuttered cabinets that give it a beachy feel.  I also like the contrasting work surface and the little round feet.  This desk has the same issue as the first one, the desktop is not a solid surface.  Also, this one can’t be configured for two separate workstations.  The second part is not a deal breaker.  Although, what is a deal breaker is the fact that this desk just might be a tad too big to fit in my office!  Measure twice, buy once!

Southporte Corner Desk Group traditional desks

Next up is the Southporte desk from Ballard Designs.  Isn’t this one lovely?  The modular components are varied enough that two workstations can be right next to one another, making for easy transition between projects.  Like the Whitney, this desk has that lovely shuttered look that makes you feel like you are working from your vacation home.  The negative about this desk is that BALLARD DOESN’T MAKE IT ANYMORE!  Don’t you hate that?  You’re browsing away happily on your lunch break looking for the perfect desk, shoes, whatever, and you find out the company doesn’t make it anymore.  This happened to Matt when he was looking for a tie to wear to our wedding.  After much searching, he found the perfect blue and pink tie from a little online boutique.  He actually ordered it, got attached to the idea of wearing said tie on the most important day of his life, only to find out shortly thereafter that the tie was gone…forever.  Oh, the woes of online shopping.  But, I digress.  Back to the desks.

Honestly, I’ve looked around quite a bit, and I can’t seem to find anything that I like more than these two Pottery Barn desks.  The Whitney seems to be too big, so that leaves me with the Bedford.  But I don’t really want the Bedford.  I think it will work, but I don’t truly love it.  If I’m spending money on furniture, I must love it.  This is a rule never to be broken by impulsive IKEA purchases.  Especially since I turn 30 next week.

Moving on to custom options, the last resort.  I could go for something like this, which has plenty of space for my large volume set of the Internal Revenue Code and accompanying Treasury Regulations:

Corner Desk

I’m totally kidding. I actually really hate this desk.

Although this next one is for a young girls room, I really like the way the two work stations are built-in.  I also like the all white look and the solid surface desktop.

Karen Joy Interiors - eclectic - kids - boston - Karen Joy Interiors

Photo via

This next one has a neat concept.  Like the Whitney, it has the two-tone effect going for it.  I also like the narrow desk, which would work well in my small space.  A completely unrelated, but totally cool thing, about this space are those cork boards that form a grid on the left wall.  I might need to try something similar above the beadboard.

Urbane shingle style Residence - traditional - home office - san francisco - Polsky Perlstein Architects

Photo via

Here’s another desk that caught my eye.  It’s clear to me at this point that I am digging either the white cabinets with a dark wood top or a completely white look.  I love the sleekness of this white desk and there is plenty of storage to hide away all the icky stuff.  Love the fabric and style of the roman shades, working with (rather than fighting) the curved shape of the window.  Also like the functional built-in desk space with two work stations.Photo via

This next one has some promise.  It really shows how much storage you can get into a small space.  I like how this one has storage above and below the desk.  I could see this desk being paired with a lovely set of rattan chairs.  I see those things all the time at Home Goods, so I should probably just buy a pair now!

this looks to be an amazing use of a small space. Could get the hubby to DIY the built in desk & shelves on a budget. And man, I love that lamp.  I like the shelves

Photo via

For my final bit of inspiration, I’ve selected another two workstation desk.  This photo gets me thinking that, as long as I don’t get really large chairs (because I want two chairs) I might be able to build the desk along the entire back wall of the office.  This would still leave me with room for an additional storage piece on the opposite wall.  I could even do something similar with my printer, which is still in its box because I can’t stomach any more cords!!

office / workspace

Photo via

Frankly, I’d like to have something dainty and pretty like this little number, but practicality outweighs aesthetics when it comes to office furniture.  I really need storage and I really need to hide all of these cords I have dangling behind the desk.


Photo via

Is anyone out there having a similar dilemma?  What worked for you?  Do you all think Matt is right, and custom is the way to go, or should we keep shopping and try to find the perfect corner desk?