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ALTHOUGH THIS could easily be a quote from my husband whilst watching me contemplate wearing something from my closet circa 2008, this query is typically posed when discussing the placement of home décor or when debating whether all the crap I just bought at HomeGoods will fit into my Mini Cooper.  For the record, I once fit a 5’x7′ rug, a small bathroom storage shelving unit, a 36″x46″ gilt mirror (the one that hangs in our living room now) and a whole bunch of small accessories into my mighty Mini.  I did. however, have to drive with the soft top down all the way from Boardman, OH to Pittsburgh with a ton of junk in my backseat.  Minor detail.

The “fit” that I’m talking about in the title of this post is about scale.  One of the things I like to do in our home is to play with proportions, and to me sometimes bigger is just better.  Especially when it comes to jazzing up your walls. Here are a few inspirational photos of too big items that just fit:

Oversized artwork and foyer table - Better Homes & Garden

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Reflective Artwork - Looking for a quick yet stunning way to fill up a blank wall? Try an oversized mirror. This once-dull corner comes to life with a large mirror in a bright blue frame. The mirror adds style to the room and reflects light around the room, making it feel more spacious.

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Under Cover

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Oversized clock -- but it works.

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Oversized map mural is a perfect choice for the playroom wall!

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Sometimes extra-large items make an even greater impact when you squeeeeze them into a tiny space.  Case in point – my wooden sunburst mirror from Ballard Designs.  Here’s a shot of the mirror in our old living room:

Embrace My Space: Scale

I loved the mirror between our two bookcases.  I thought it looked so perfect.  In our new house, we decided to change things up a bit and hang the mirror in our bedroom in a space that was just a bit tighter than where it hung before.  Check it out:  Embrace My Space: Bedroom ProgressIsn’t it amazing how the mirror makes even more of a statement when it’s framed just a bit tighter?  Eventually, I’m going to hang curtains on the windows so there will be even more layering going on behind the bed.

WAIT A MINUTE!  There I went blowing the grand reveal of our bedroom progress!  I haven’t even shown you what our bedroom looked like before we moved in!  Let’s back up a bit.  Here’s the bedroom as set up by the prior owners:

Embrace My Space: Bedroom Before

When you walked into the bedroom the bed was directly in front of you on the back wall.  Generally, this is the ideal setup for a bedroom because if you put the bed on one of the side walls it ends up bisecting the room into sections.  The flow of the room, as well as your sight line, are interrupted by a large piece of furniture making the room feel smaller.

Embrace My Space: Bedroom Before

Embrace My Space: Bedroom ProgressNow when you walk into the room you see the side of the bed.  Do you see what I mean about how the placement of the bed cuts the room in half?  Eventually I’m going to put a little seating area or a vanity on the back wall of the room, so it won’t feel like there is so much wasted space.  The two windows in the front of the house were perfectly spaced to slip a queen sized bed right in between.  So that’s what we did.  Another reason I decided to put the bed here is because I wanted the bedroom to feel serene and symmetry is serene.  With a window on each side of the bed, everything feels balanced.  Compare this to the way the previous owners had the room set up, with a window and nightstand only on one side.  It gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Embrace My Space: Bedroom ProgressIn the shot above, you can see that I was experimenting with window treatments.  I thought I might take down the red and instead put up my white panels.  I also only had one of my new nightstands at this point, so we have some imbalance going on here.  Instead of hanging the white panels, which went up in the living room, we put up bamboo shades.  I’m going to get some fun, patterned curtains (perhaps in coral) to break up all of the solid blocks of blue in the room and to add some contrast.  The striped rug, which is from West Elm, is a temporary player in the space.  I’m not sure exactly what type of rug I want yet, so I’m open to suggestions!

Embrace My Space: Bedroom ProgressWe painted the walls Aqua Tint by Olympic Paints.  I think the wall color is a nice complement to our new bed, which came from Ethan Allen.  I’d been eying this bed up for a few years.  Back then it only came in black, brown and white.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that the bed was part of the American Colors collection and came in a variety of vibrant colors.  I was doubly excited when Matt agreed to turquoise!

Embrace My Space: Bedroom Progress

The nightstands are from the Arhaus Relics collection.  The company sources interesting architectural details from around the world and repurposes them into unique furniture pieces.  I thought these nightstands looked light and beachy, which goes with the rest of our house.

I think that covers all of our progress for now.  I’ll be back with updates for you when I finally get some curtains and a new rug.  I’ve also been agonizing over bedding for the past few months.  These decisions shouldn’t be that difficult, but when you spend so much time in your bedroom, it’s worth it to make it your happy place!

What does everyone think about my mirror placement?  Do you like how it’s layered behind the bed, or would you prefer it if I’d left the whole thing exposed?  Any good suggestions for a rug?