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I’M DOING LAUNDRY as usual.  Then again, other that my teeny tiny little squatter, who isn’t doing laundry around this place?  I feel like I always have a load in the dryer just waiting to be folded.  Just a few months back my laundry room was a dreary hell hole of disorganization, a too-high shelf and greige walls.

Laundry Room Before

Today it’s bright and cheery with juicy orange walls (Afterglow by SW) and a killer wall storage unit!  Pink graphic Wallpops and green soft storage baskets from Target keep the shelving happy and organized.

Embrace My Space: laundry room

When I first started this project, one of the driving forces behind the design was my frustration with the piles of clothing that sat on the floor waiting to be washed.  With the new baby on the scene, the number of piles was increasing and the piles were getting larger because I don’t have as much time to plow through the laundry now.  I nipped that problem right in the bud by capitalizing on some unused real estate in this tiny space: the walls!

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Storage

I searched high and low on Pinterest for the right solution for my laundry pile predicament.  I was thinking baskets with a counter built on top or some other rolling contraption that held hampers, until I finally realized that I just did not have the space to comfortably fit anything more than a few inches wide.  I’d seen these rectangular canvas laundry hampers again and again.  Despite my desire to do something unique, I ended up going with these hampers I found on Amazon.  Let’s just say there is a reason why I’d seen them in so many laundry rooms.  They are awesome.  Cheap (about $12), durable, functional and the perfect width for space-challenged laundry rooms (27x16x6)!

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Storage

The soft white color would work with any color scheme you could dream up for a laundry room.  I had enough space for two rows of hampers with two hampers on each row.  Three technically would fit along my wall, but I wouldn’t be able to open my door the whole way once the hampers were full.  While it would have been great to have two more hampers, I was able to use the extra bit of wall space to hang my ironing board so I consider that a win!

For extra interest, I hung a piece of white trim on the wall and then mounted a simple polished nickel hook (Target Threshold brand) to the trim for hanging each basket.  I installed two matching coat hooks on the top piece of trim to hang my ironing board because the smaller hooks I used for the hampers were not wide enough to hold the ironing board.

Finally, hanging on the back of my door is a cheap shoe organizer that I use to store extra cleaning supplies.  If you do one thing to organize your laundry space, do this!  I think the shoe organizer was $5, but I really can’t remember because I bought it so long ago.  This was here long before I started renovating the laundry room, but I figured it’s functional so why not keep it.  It’s not the prettiest thing, but I don’t see it because it’s on the back of the door so who cares!

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Storage

I topped off the laundry room with my little clothesline that I bought at IKEA back when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.  Yes.  Who would have thought something so silly could still be so cute almost 15 years later!  And what a happy coincidence that the stockings and undies are the perfect colors!

Do you think you’ll try this method to use up some vertical real estate in your home?  What tricks do you have up your sleeve for keeping your dirty laundry contained? I’d love to hear all about it!