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I ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT where credit is due, and today I take zero-credit for this adorable and affordable idea for Easter.  My friend Jennifer over at Brave New Home recently posted the cutest DIY Bunny Garland you have ever SEEN!  She used little foam bunnies she found at the Target Dollar Spot to make a modern, yet Easter appropriate, garland that she hung in her kitchen.  If you’re a Target shopper I’m sure you’ve been lured in by the Dollar Spot once or twice.  Upon entry to the store you are immediately assaulted by inexpensive cuteness that you MUST buy!

My typical internal dialogue when I walk into Target goes a little something like this:  “Ok, I am shopping off the list today.  Only those items on the list will be in my cart upon entry into the checkout line.”  I walk in the door and grab my cart, which I am usually wiping down with a Clorox sanitizing cloth when, BAM, it hits me like a left hook: The Dollar Spot.  I am lured to it like a moth to a flame.  “Yes, of course I need mint chevron striped accordion files to organize the bills!  How have I been living without them?!?! But, they’re not on the list.  But they’re only a dollar! Oh alright, I’ll take five!”

But yesterday I rushed off to Target specifically to pick up some foam bunnies at The Dollar Spot while supplies lasted!  No cart for me.  I only had bunnies on my list!  I rushed over to the gleaming bins overflowing with all the things I never knew I needed only to find….NO BUNNIES!  My Target was bunny-less.  But, what my Target lacked in bunnies it made up for in chicks!

Embrace My Space: Easter Banner

That’s right.  Chicks.  They are springy, yellow and adorable.  And with their modern shape these chicks are totally chic!  I bought a pack of eight foam chicks for a buck!  Can you believe the value?!?!

Embrace My Space: Easter Banner

I taped them to some jute twine I already had in my crafting arsenal, added a few ribbons, hung them from the mantel and called it a day!  It took less than five minutes and cost me $1.06.  If you don’t have ribbon or twine it will cost you more than a buck to make this project.  Sorry for the false advertising in the post title.  How else am I supposed to trick people into reading?

Embrace My Space: Easter Banner

I picked a daffodil from my backyard for a little extra pop of spring prettiness and set out a few of my diamond Easter eggs (also from Target, but purchased last year).  That’s all it took to make a pretty Easter mantel in about 10 minutes!

If you want to make your own Easter banner you better head to The Dollar Spot soon!  The closer we get to Easter the more likely it is that these cuties will be long gone!  Please, please, please stop over at Brave New Home to see her bunny bunting.  It is so cute!

What do you think of my “chic” banner (hehe)?  What does your Target have? Bunnies? Chicks? Both?!?