SO I MADE THE MISTAKE of continuing to look for stencils last night.  There’s nothing that cures indecision like adding more choices to the mix.  As of this morning, after all of your wonderful votes Classic Moroccan (#2) is in the lead.  A close second is Aztec Inspired (#4), which has been my choice for a while.  I was ready to just buy the thing, but first I wanted to think about some colors.  I know I want my design to be multi-colored, but when I began to sketch out some color combos I didn’t like anything.  That’s when I realized the Aztec Inspired stencil would really only look good as a two-toned design.  womp, womp.

Embrace My Space: Stencil Showdown

So I went back to Etsy for one last look when I found this Moroccan trellis-style design.  When I saw it I immediately knew it would work great as a multi-colored design.  I basically have already bought the thing in my mind, but I do want to know what you all think of the late addition.  Is it that superior to the others I found or am I just jumping ship on my original picks because of my indecision?


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I’d love to hear if you like it as much as I do.  Please take a second to vote for it if you like it!

These are the colors I’m thinking of using.  I will need to play around with the design a bit, but I think a combination of yellow/green and gray with just a little teal splashed in will look really cool and work well with the new stencil I found.


Thanks for stopping by and for helping me select a stencil!  Have a great weekend everyone!!