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LITERALLY.  The steps are done. Wooohooo!

Embrace My Space: Entry Makeover

My new carpet was installed yesterday.  If you remember this post, I recently picked out some Shaw Floors berber carpet for my stairs.  Just a week later we are in business!  I love it when a plan comes together quickly.

Embrace My Space: Blue Stairway

The carpet is the perfect neutral to blend with the current flooring and, since I tend to prefer warm tones for flooring, will work well with whatever we decide to use in the future.  It’s very plush and will wear well.  I’m really happy with it.  In case you were wondering why I decided to carpet the entire stair rather than use a runner, the answer is two-fold.  First, the flooring expert told me that our stairs are builder-grade blocks, which means we would need to install oak risers to do the job right.  The price for that job is a whopping $100/step, which would turn into a $2000 job pretty quickly!  If you ask me, it’s criminal to spend $2000 on wood for the stairs only to cover 80% of it with a runner.  Second, in my experience, it’s harder to clean around a runner.  We had a runner in our Pittsburgh house and it was a pain to vacuum around.  If you showed me two images of stairs, one with a runner and one with carpet, I likely would choose the stairs with a runner as my preferred look.  Sometimes cost and convenience win over aesthetic!

So I know the carpet might look a little boring now, but remember that stencil I was talking about a few days ago?  Well that is going on the bottom half of the wall in the entry so I didn’t want to choose a crazy carpet for the stairs since the walls are going to be pretty loud.  Speaking of the stencil, have you voted for your favorite yet?  If not, click here to cast your vote.  As of this morning, the fresh take on a Moroccan classic (#2) was in the lead with the more traditional Aztec-inspired (#4) look in a close second.  I gave myself a deadline of this weekend to pick one.

Embrace My Space: Stencil Showdown

While I’m figuring out the stencil, my other agenda item is tackling the bookcase.  I’m picturing white – everywhere!  I already have a few white frames to get me started, but I need to be on the lookout for other great white accessories to fill the shelves.  This tutorial for DIY faux coral from my friend over at What’s Ur Home Story looks promising.  With my affinity for sea-inspired decor, I think a few pieces of white coral will be perfect.

Embrace My Space

A few green plants in white pots could also look pretty.  I need something that’s tough to kill.  I’m the worst with plants.  It looks like I still have my work cut out, but thinks are certainly moving along!  Take a look at this post about the foyer when it was covered in wallpaper to see how far we’ve come!

When’s the last time you chose convenience over aesthetic? Have any suggestions for hard-to-kill plants for me?