GO WITH YOUR GUT! That’s usually what I tell myself when I’m having trouble choosing between more than one equally fabulous thing for my home.  Well, my gut just isn’t feeling very decisive today because I found FOUR fabulous stencils that I love for my foyer.  I’d love to hear which is your favorite!

 Embrace My Space: Stencil Showdown

Please help me pick one of these gorgeous designs I found over at Cute Stencils on Etsy by submitting your answer below!  If you can, try to ignore the colors and focus on the design because the beauty of a stencil is that you can make the design your own with a unique color scheme!  And, above all else, remember to go with your gut!

I’ll let you know which one I choose!  Thanks in advance for your input and if you are particularly passionate about any of these beauties, leave me a comment pleading your case!