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HI THERE!  I wanted to POP in to talk to you about my laundry room progress!  Things have been moving right along in there and I’m almost at the point where I can say it’s done!  Here’s a flashback to last year before I started my organization in the laundry room.  A little cluttered and very dismal.

Laundry Room Before

Today my laundry room is fun, fresh and full of storage!  I started by painting the walls a juicy orange sorbet color called Afterglow by Sherwin Williams.  SW actually classifies this color as a yellow, but it looks more like orange to me so I’m sticking to my guns.  There is zero natural light in this room so forgive me for iffy quality photos.  I still haven’t found the perfect light bulb for this type of space.  Suggestions welcome!

Embrace My Space: laundry room

I think you’ll agree that the open shelf that formerly occupied the space above my washer and dryer was a bit utilitarian and very ugly.  Honestly, it wasn’t even all that functional because it was so HIGH.  I really had trouble reaching it.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Before

Now I have three white shelves for all of my laundry needs and a center cabinet to hide all the stuff that doesn’t look as nice.  Think Swiffer duster refills, glass cleaner, stain sticks, iron, etc.  I’m still dealing with the whole issue of some things being too high, but at least now I have a very low shelf where I can put all of the laundry items I reach for most often.  Here’s a pic during my organizing process before I hung the cabinet doors.  I picked my solid wood cabinet up at Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $25, which is a steal!  My faithful handyman built the shelving for me and installed the whole system.  Before installation I primed everything with a white primer before rolling on a top coat of Westhighland White by Sherwin Williams.  It’s a creamy white without too much yellow.  Very soft.

Embrace My Space: laundry room

Then I got down to business accessorizing!  That’s my favorite part.  I picked up a few soft woven baskets on sale at Target in poppy green tones.  Matt suggested the green would really cool off the warm orange.  He was right, I think the green creates just the right balance of cool and warm colors on the shelves.  Orange and green are complimentary colors on the color wheel, so a combination of those colors will work for you every time!

I also got a few ombre glass jars from HomeGoods and a glass mason jar-style drink dispenser from Overstock.com to hold my clear laundry detergent.  Of course, you all know that no room in my home is ever complete without a splash of turquoise!  I brought in just a pinch with these Threshold by Target cabinet pulls.

Embrace My Space: laundry room

Finally, the piece de resistance, my pink and orange Wallpops!  I learned about these neat little guys from HGTV Magazine last month and had to give them a try.  Jonathan Adler designs a line of poppy, happy chic reusable decals for Wallpops.  These things are SO easy to use!  Depending on which design you pick, Wallpops come in either a long roll of pattern or squares of pattern.  The geometric pattern I chose came in a long roll of 12 feet, which was the perfect amount of length for me to add a little pizzazz behind my shelves.

Embrace My Space: Wallpops

All I did was measure my area, cut my Wallpops to size and stuck them to the wall!  I was sure to smooth them out so there were no creases, but otherwise it was that easy.  Wallpops make a huge impact with just a little bit of effort and ZERO commitment because you can remove them in a snap!  I haven’t tried to take them down and re-stick them yet, so the jury is still out on whether or not they are “reusable.”

Embrace My Space: laundry room

I will say that I wouldn’t use these in a heavy traffic area like a hallway or a kitchen.  They look great and are SO simple to install, but I’m not sure how well they would hold up if they were being touched and bumped all the time.  I’m really glad I tried them in this small space because I was thinking about using them beneath the chair rail in my front entry and hallway.  After this little test run in the laundry room, I’ve definitely decided that we need to use something a bit more permanent in that area!  Nonetheless, Wallpops would look stellar in a home office, in your powder room or on an accent wall behind your bed.

What do you think of my progress?  Have you all started your organization projects for the year yet?  What have you found works for organizing your laundry room?

I’ll be back someday soon to talk to you about how I got the other elephant in my laundry room, the laundry, organized!  Hope to see you back!