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I HATE TO CLEAN.  I’ve never been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug.  When spring rolls around you wont see me on my hands and knees scrubbing wood floors or regrouting my bathroom tile.  I do, however, get the urge to paint a wall a new color, swap out the pillows on my sofa, get all new bedding for every room in my house, repaint the front door and the shutters, hang a new picture or two, buy all the colorful ceramic planters I can get my hands on, etc., etc.  Alas, my house is filled with paint swatches, my Pinterest boards filled with project inspiration and my head filled with ideas.  Now all I need is time to execute everything.  Or an assistant who works in exchange for baby snuggles and spaghetti alla carbonara, because that’s about all I have to offer right now.  Maybe I can hire my mom; except she doesn’t eat bacon.  Le sigh.

Spring!Of course, I was able to find time to update my chalkboard.  Changing this every season gives me a sense of accomplishment and my gallery wall a fresh look without much work!  You also may notice that I added my little “B” monogram above our wedding photo.  Or, you may not notice it, but nonetheless it’s new to the scene.  I had to scoot my gold butterfly over just a tad to make room for it.  And, speaking of butterflies, what do you think of my cheesy saying this month?  In the spirit of all the Oscar movies I want to watch (again, that time thing…), I did a theater-style sign.  I wanted to add one more “coming attraction” but I couldn’t think of anything else spring-related that rhymed with sunny skies and butterflies.  Matt suggested French fries, but those are delicious all year long so that just wouldn’t work.


With all that said, once we actually do thaw out in the frozen North I likely will forget about all of these projects and spend my free time outside walking with my baby.  That’s much better than any project I can think of right now!

What projects do you have on your agenda for spring?  Will you get them all done?  Or are you like me in that you get stir crazy and projects pile up in your head, only to blow away with the spring breeze once the weather breaks?  Seen any good movies lately?