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I’VE BEEN A BUSY BEE the past few weeks trying to get the laundry room makeover underway.  As I mentioned here, I picked out a color scheme with the intention of painting the walls Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware.  I picked up a gallon of paint and after rolling a coat on one of the walls I knew it wasn’t right.  Since there is zero natural light in the room the Silver Sage looked so gray (rather than the nice grayish-blue-green that it takes on in my kitchen/living room) that you could easily mistake it for primer. FYI, this is what the laundry room looked like before I began this journey.

Laundry Room Before

I don’t have a picture of what the Silver Sage looked like on the walls because it was so gross I couldn’t even stand to look at it, let alone capture it in a photo for all eternity.  Since laundry is already quite the dismal task I scrapped the Silver Sage walls for something else, which I’ll post an update on very soon.  This paint conundrum threw a wrench in my plans so I haven’t been moving as quickly as I would like, but I was able to find a few minutes to DIY some cool artwork to hang in my tiny little laundry room.

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room Art

After a little brainstorming, I decided I wanted a large piece of art to liven up the laundry room. I took a quick inventory of what I already had around the house and was drawn to a canvas that I purchased from HomeGoods for my first house that was just taking up space here. You can see I simply had it propped up on the top of my bookcase in our front entry. I decided this underappreciated canvas that is really overpowered by my turquoise bookcase would shine on its own in the laundry room!

Embrace My Space: Pink Front Door

But it needed a little something extra.  I decided to keep it simple and literal by painting enormous letters right on the canvas.  I measured out the canvas into equal quadrants, marked the quadrants off with blue painters tape and freehand painted the word “WASH,” with one letter in each quadrant.  After the letters dried, I went back a second time to give everything a clean edge.

I used a level to make sure the letters lined up top to bottom and then taped off around each letter to create a straight line.  I painted inside the tape then removed it after the paint was dry to reveal clean edges.  This saved me from trying to find a large stencil or other way to make my letters uniform.  I would have to say that my method worked well because most of my letters are straight lines.  The “S” gave me the most trouble.  I had to mostly freehand it, but I think it turned out just fine!

Embrace My Space:

Don’t you think this poppy print will do wonders in my drab laundry room?  I also have a little something extra up my sleeve that I plan to do with this canvas.  More on that soon!