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IT’S SUNDAY FUNDAY.  Which means my hubby is home to hold the bebe while I blog!  This is a quickie post about my laundry room inspiration.  As I mentioned here, this year is all about organization and I’m starting with the laundry room.

While flipping through the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens I came across a lovely paint color called Valencia 11AF by True Value.  It’s yummy and juicy and cheerful.  Perfect to perk up my icky laundry room.  A few of my friends even said they wanted to take a bite out of Valencia 11AF when I posted this photo on Facebook:

Embrace My Space: orange zest

I’m trying to keep our whole-house color palette uniform. I think this will give our home a truly “designed” look and it will save me from agonizing over what brand new color to paint each room.  I already know the laundry room is going to be Restoration Hardware Silver Sage or a similar tone on that chip.  In the above photo the magazine page is taped to the wall in my Silver Sage kitchen.  This color is the perfect combination of sea foamy green, blue and warm gray, which sets the perfect backdrop for my coastal casual aesthetic.  My laundry room doesn’t have any windows so I’m not certain how Silver Sage will look when it isn’t exposed to any natural light.  I’ll tape up a sample of Silver Sage and a few other similar colors to make sure I like it before I put roller to wall.

Even though it might not look so hot in the picture on your screen (I took it on my iPhone) I really like the marriage of Silver Sage and Valencia.  I also thought it would be nice to pop in some bright orange and aqua as accent colors.  As I envisioned this color scheme in my head, I realized I already had something in those colors.  The Dash & Albert rug in Stone Soup that’s in my office.

Embrace My Space:  Dash & Albert

I found an image of my striped rug online and uploaded it into the Sherwin Williams Chip It color palette generator.  And voila:

Embrace My Space: Laundry Room

Chip It will generate a color palette using Sherwin Williams paints from any photo you upload into the site.  It’s pretty neat and will save you a ton of time in the paint department.  If you don’t want to use Sherwin Williams paint (although I like it a lot) you can have your friendly neighborhood hardware store match the chips for you.  So this is the starting point for the color scheme in my laundry room.

Next comes the organization.  I found a ton of great inspiration on Pinterest for cabinets and shelving above my washer and dryer.  With the amount of space I have, I found this image from View Along the Way to be a great starting point for my design.

Laundry room makeover for only $157! Painted floors, stenciled walls... come see how it was done!

Last Friday I went to Habitat for Humanity ReStore to search for a well-loved cabinet that could use a new home.  I found the perfect size solid wood upper cabinet for $30.  Score!  It’s sitting in my garage now calling out for a new paint job!

A method for keeping my sorted laundry off the floor is also a top priority for this space.  Since I have close to zero usable floor space, I knew I needed to find a way to use the walls.  Rachel over at Useful Beautiful Home came up with this awesome method for keeping her laundry off the floor.

Laundry Organization at UsefulBeautifulHome.com

I only wish I had enough space for six of these hampers!  Four is the max that I can squeeze in and you better believe I already ordered them from Amazon!  These hampers are the best of both worlds because they can be hung from the wall AND they are really narrow so they don’t intrude too far into the space.

After function, of course, comes pretty.  I have a lot of ideas for how I want to make my laundry room a pleasant place to spend time.  The first is to corral all the laundry essentials in baskets and vessels that make these mundane supplies seem special.  I’m also going to incorporate some artwork and lighting to give my laundry room the wow factor.

I know I’m getting old because I’m really excited about this.  Do you have any great ideas for the laundry room that you think I should incorporate into my design? What tips or tricks do you have that keep you organized and save you time?