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BRRRRRRR.  Polar vortex.  Ahem, now that I have the obligatory reference to the cold weather out of the way, I wanted to post a quick update on my kitchen.  You may recall the fruit frenzy that was our kitchen when we moved here in November 2012.

  Kitchen Before

Fast forward to this past November and our kitchen is sporting a whole new look with a fresh coat of Silver Sage by Restoration Hardware.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

This really goes to show the power of paint.  Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I think it looks like an entirely new kitchen just with the change in wall color.  While we are far from done here, what I really want to do to the kitchen will require a lot of time and money (think removing walls!), we certainly have made great strides.  Matt and I really enjoy cooking and the puny island and old appliances aren’t ideal for us.  But until we are ready to take the plunge on a serious renovation, I continue to make little tweaks so our kitchen looks more put together.

Which brings me to today’s post about the kitchen table.  My mom bought it for us when we graduated from law school.  It has traveled with us from apartment to house to house over the past five years.  I love its simple Parsons style, which makes it versatile and timeless.  The warm granite veneer top gives the table a bit more interest than your average Parsons and stands up well to wear and tear.Embrace My Space: Kitchen

What I don’t love about the table is the cherry wood base.  While the color made sense when we first got the table, now that my style as evolved into a more casual look the stain is just too dark.  That combined with the mismatched wood of the Ikea Parsons chairs (which my cats have been using as scratching posts!) and random wooden bar stools and you have one hot mess of a dining area!

In my decorating quest I live by the mantra “love what you have, have what you love.”  This means, along with purchasing only those things you absolutely love, you also should give your current stuff a second look before sending it off to the trash.  And what’s the easiest way to reimagine any old piece of furniture that isn’t working for you? Why, paint, of course!

Embrace My Space: Kitchen Table Upgrade

With just two coats of fresh white paint I transformed my table into a piece very similar to this coastal cottage style number from Restoration Hardware:

Restoration Hardware

Photo via

While the paint gave the table a completely new life, unfortunately I can’t say the same for the chairs.  I painted the legs in an attempt to create a more cohesive look and it just didn’t work.  So I caved and bought new chairs.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen Table UpgradeThese Madeleine side chairs from Restoration Hardware in the brown oak drifted finish look great with the fresh white table.  The warm tone plays nice with the granite tabletop and they are so classic they will work for me for years to come!

I couldn’t reveal my new table without setting it so I put together a simple tablescape using my polish pottery, white napkins bound with textured rings and woven placemats.  I should take this opportunity to mention that I LOVE polish pottery.  Every single piece is different, yet the colors and patterns always look great together.  You can literally buy any piece of polish pottery you like and it will match your existing collection.  Good stuff.

Embrace My Space: Tablescape

The Christmas bulbs displayed in my centerpiece just last week were swapped with tangerines for some added color and freshness.

Embrace My Space: Tablescape

The placemats are set horizontally so they cascade over the side of the table.  Not only does this create an interesting look, but it also makes for a smaller place setting that works with the scale of my table.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen Table Upgrade

I know it’s not perfect, but sure has come a heck of a long way!  Next on the agenda for this space is adding some window treatments, replacing the rug and doing a quick fix on the chandelier!

Stay warm everyone!