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WITH LESS THAN TWO weeks until Christmas, I’m scurrying around trying to finish up Christmas cards, shopping, wrapping gifts and decorating!  Of course, for me it’s not a holiday unless I’m doing a little bit of DIYing!  With the little man on my hands, I couldn’t commit myself to a time consuming DIY since there’s no telling how much time he will allow me for crafting.  Thus, today I bring to you a sweet under the sea Christmas tree ornament that you can make in 5 minutes flat with a few simple supplies.

Everyone knows that I love the sea and I often bring coastal inspired textures and colors (hello turquoise and aqua!) into my home.  This DIY is a nod to my love for all things beachy, sunny and warm.  I was in Cape May, NJ last summer and saw a TON of pretty Christmas ornaments made from beads, crystals, pearls and, most importantly, sea urchin shells!  The result was darling little jellyfish; the perfect balance of seashore, sparkle and whimsy!

My initial thought when I saw them was “Hey, I can MAKE that myself!”  Although this annoys my husband to the ends of the Earth (“Just BUY it, Sara!”), not only do I enjoy saving a few bucks by making something myself but I also just enjoy working on little projects like this.  During my stay in Cape May I bought some purple sea urchin shells from a gift shop with the intention of making a few of the little guys for my tree.  And just this week I finally put my glue gun where my mouth is and whipped up a few!

Embrace My Space: Jellyfish Christmas Ornament

This is one of the easiest DIY ornaments ever.  All you need is some beads, sea urchin shells and ribbon.  Glue it all together with your hot glue gun and, voila, you’ve got an adorable jellyfish to adorn your tree!

Embrace My Space: Jellyfish Christmas Ornament

Rather than purchasing individual strands of beads from a craft store, which can get pricy, I opted to purchase a cheapo necklace from Claire’s that I could cut up.  Not only does this save you money, but it also saves you from having to string the beads together yourself.  Just make sure you purchase a necklace that is strung together with cord so it wont fall apart when you cut it.  I bought a string of pearls and aqua beads for $4 off of the clearance rack.  This necklace even had a matching ribbon that I could use for hanging the ornaments on my tree.  Claire’s clearance rack FTW.

I got to cutting the necklace into equal strands and then hot glued the beads inside the bottom opening of the sea urchin.  As I mentioned, I bought my sea urchins in a coastal town but you can also find them on Ebay and other places on the web.

Embrace My Space: Jellyfish Christmas Ornament

After my beads were attached to the bottom, I glued a piece of ribbon inside the top opening of the sea urchin securing it with a single pearl.  Since the ribbon was a little wide I ended up twisting it loosely before gluing it into place.  Aren’t they darling?  You could use any type or color of beads you like, but I really love how the pearls glisten in the glow of the tree lights.  The pearls also look great with the little bumps striping the sea urchin shells.

Embrace My Space: Jellyfish Christmas Ornament

My jellyfish ornaments are just another sea-inspired addition to my holiday decor.  Last year, I made these fun sea glass Christmas trees complete with star fish toppers (pictured below).  If you’d like to tackle the trees yourself, check out this post here.  I’m warning you that the sea glass trees, while simple, are much more time consuming than these ornaments.  Make sure you find yourself a friend and a quiet afternoon if you want to get these done in a day!

Embrace My Space: Jellyfish Christmas Ornament

What do you think of my jellyfish?  Do you think you’ll give them a try or are they too slimy to hang on your tree?