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IT’S A SNOW DAY here outside of Philadelphia and I’ve been enjoying the soft white powder from the comfort of my cozy living room snuggling my little boy next to our Christmas tree.  The white blanket over our back yard reflects the light beautifully, making the space especially bright today.


As a blogger and wanna-be photog, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to snap of few shots of our Christmas decorations in this gorgeous natural light.  I’d also been feeling like a slacker lately so I thought I should put together SOMETHING for the blog.  With DIY gift tutorials, yuletide vignettes and unique decorating ideas flying around Pinterest like snowflakes in a blizzard, Christmas is the perfect time for non-stop blogging.  So far this month I’ve put up one measly post!

I quickly tidied up the room so I could frame a few shots and got to snapping in a frenzy.  Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and couldn’t help but slow down.  Sure, I might not have much time to blog (or shop for gifts or decorate or shower or sleep or eat!), but I do have a beautiful little boy I get to spend all my time with nowadays!  In the words of Target, that’s #MyKindofHoliday!


I hope all of you, my lovely readers, will stick with me until I get back to my regular blogging schedule.  And, if I never do post as often as I used to I hope you will still stick around!

If you’re snowed in like me, I hope you’re keeping warm!  I’ll be back sometime in the next few days with a post about my Christmas living room.