AND JUST LIKE THAT it’s here.  The busiest, most expensive and fattening month of the year!  I’m sure many of you would agree that the hustle and bustle of December can be exhausting, but the time we take to spend with friends and family is well worth the extra effort (and calories)!

I know a lot of people get all bent out of shape when they see Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, but I disagree.  Here I am just recovering from Thanksgiving; it’s already the 5th of December and I have practically nothing done!  Only 19 days left to deck the halls and enjoy the sparkling tree before Christmas has come and gone!  Frankly, I’d enjoy seeing more houses lit up on my street to help get me into the holiday spirit.  Especially since it’s dark at 4:30 now, which can be a little sad!  So I say, get those Christmas decorations up as soon as you can.  I’ll just overt my eyes until the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers are consumed and I’m ready for Santa!

I have been busy enjoying my new little boy, so haven’t had a lot of time to do much decorating.  Today during nap time I stuffed baby Bates into my Moby wrap and started spreading some holiday cheer up in here.

My goal is to tackle one box of decorations at a time until everything is unpacked and on display.  The first box I grabbed off the shelf was packed with the square Ikea mirrors that I wrapped to look like Christmas presents.  Lucky for me those go on the mantel so I’m nearly done decorating the focal point of the living room!

Embrace My Space: Christmas Mantel

Wrapping mirrors, picture frames or even books is a super simple and cheap way to create instant Christmas decor for your mantel or bookcase.

Of course my mantra for Christmas decorating, like all things in life, is bright and colorful with just a touch of turquoise!  The “JOY” plaque on my mantel is a Target find that I just couldn’t pass up.  The green tinsel is also from Target and it totally reminds me of Whoville. My mantel is all happy, glittery sparkle and I love it!

Embrace My Space: Christmas Mantel

I also have a few glass candle holders on the mantel that will add even more sparkle when the sun goes down.  In addition to the mantel I also sparkled up the gallery wall with some Christmas cheer by hanging a shiny wreath over the mirror.  Obviously, I had to update my chalkboard with a season-appropriate sentiment.

Embrace My Space: Christmas

This weekend with Matt’s help I’ll tackle the tree, which is my favorite part of the whole Christmas transformation!

Have all of you started (or even finished?!?) your decorating?  Do you have a traditional Christmas color scheme or do you mix it up a bit with non-traditional colors?

I’ll be back a few more times this month to show you what else I have going on around here!