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YAWN.  That’s pretty much all I have to say.  That, and take a look at the mantel I managed to scrape together just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Mantel

I took advantage of the little one’s nap time over the course of a few days (yes, days.  Long gone are the days of my simple afternoon DIY and decorating projects) to transform my Halloween mantel into a neutral fall mantel with a Turkey Day twist.

Back in September I had the mantel all jazzed up for fall with a few acorns and the wheat bushels.  After Halloween passed, I pulled some of the neutral fall bits and bobs back out for this Thanksgiving version of my mantel.

Banner for Thanksgiving Mantel

It’s a big haphazard and collected looking just the way I like it.  I made the banner myself with a brown gift box, card stock, jute twine and mini clothespins.  I simply cut the gift box up into triangular flags and used a stencil to trace the letters onto cardstock before cutting them out and gluing them to the flags.

Thanksgiving Mantel

I mixed the items from my fall mantel and my Halloween mantel to create the look.

Thanksgiving Mantel

I’m really enjoying it, especially at night when I light the candles.  The twinkling from the mantel is getting me excited to bust out the garland and Christmas lights.  I’ve already done an unnecessary shopping spree at Target for Christmas decorations.  With my new pace, I should probably start decorating for Christmas NOW!

I hope you all have a joyful Thanksgiving spent with your favorite loved ones!  This is a particularly special Thanksgiving for me since Matt and I welcomed our son last month.  There’s no question what I’m most thankful for this year!

Enjoy the holiday everyone.  I’ll be back soon, or not, don’t hold me to that!