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PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!  I whipped up a new window treatment for my guest bathroom for less than $15!  This is the first time I’m really mentioning the guest bathroom on the blog.  It’s a nice sized bathroom that gets plenty of natural light.  Other than hang up a new shower curtain and throw a few plush rugs on the ground, I really haven’t done much to this space.  The current color is the same as when we moved into the house.  Eventually, I’ll change it, but for now we are going with the blue vibe.

Embrace My Space: DIY Roman Shade

Matt and I recently had new windows installed in our house.  The new windows took up a lot more space inside the window frame so there wasn’t much room left to mount the preexisting shades in some of the rooms.  This happened in the guest bathroom, where we now have about a quarter of an inch of space left to mount a shade inside the window frame.

Since the blind that was hanging here previously was designed to be mounted inside the window frame and it no longer fit (not enough depth after new window was installed), we had no choice but to come up with something else to cover this window.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an image depicting an inside- vs. outside-mount blind.

Inside Mount v. Outside Mount

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I thought it would be nice to have a simple roman shade covering the window.  This window faces our back yard and we don’t have another house behind us, but it’s still common courtesy to provide some privacy for guests when they come to stay with us.  Alas, this roman shade was born!

Embrace My Space: DIY Roman Shade

The shade was really easy to make.  If you don’t believe me, just ask my mom.  She sewed it for me while I supervised.  hehe.  Really, to create this shade all you need to be able to do is measure, cut, sew a few straight lines and you’re golden!

Here’s the how to:

SUPPLIES: Fabric large enough to cover your window and trim/ribbon/tape to tie up your shade.  You’ll also need a sewing machine to whip up your shade.

1.  MEASURE:  First, I measured the window to see how wide and how long the fabric would need to be in order to cover the window.  This window is relatively small.  We were able to get away with purchasing a yard and a quarter of this home decor grade fabric at JoAnne Fabrics.

2. CUT:  We cut away some of the excess fabric down the side of our yardage.  This made it so the pattern was even across the shade and avoided the problem of having too much extra fabric down the sides to fold under when sewing.

3.  SEW THE SHADE:  We (my mom) sewed a simple seam down both sides and across the bottom of the fabric.  Across the top, she folded the fabric over to create a rod pocket that is about one inch wide.  The curtain rod I used is very small, so the rod pocket didn’t need to be very large.

4.  SEW THE TIES:  I purchased enough natural-colored upholstery trim to run the length of the roman shade on both the front and the back – twice.  A piece of trim as long as the shade was sewn onto the front of the shade from the top to about 2/3 of the way down.  The rest of the trim hangs loose creating the front portion of the tie.

A second piece of trim was attached to the back of the shade at the point where we stopped sewing the trim on the front.  This piece of trim was only sewn across its top (not down its sides), letting the entire piece hang loose from the back of the shade.  The process was repeated for the second tie.

5.  HANG YOUR SHADE:  I hung my shade with a tiny polished nickel curtain rod I purchased at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet for $7.  I hung the rod just wide enough for my roman shade to stretch smoothly across the entire length of the rod.  No wrinkles allowed!

6.  TIE YOUR BOWS:  After the shade was in place, all I did was tie the front and back piece of trim into a bow on each side.  I messed around with the fabric in the center of my shade a little bit to get it to lay nice and pretty.  Voila – it’s that easy!

When you want complete privacy, all you have to do is untie the bows and the fabric falls right down to the window sill.

Embrace My Space: DIY Roman Shade

A new window treatment for about $15.  All told, it took less than an hour to measure, cut, sew and hang the curtain.  Not too shabby!

Embrace My Space: DIY Roman Shade

I’m into it – very simple, yet effective.  Oh, by the way, the photos hanging above the towel bar are some shots I took of the beach when we were visiting Fort Jefferson National Park located in the Gulf of Mexico.  I’d link you to the webpage, but the government is closed today and so are its websites.  Womp, womp.  For this simple art piece, I took four different shots of the beach and lined them up in an IKEA frame.  Isn’t the water absolutely breathtaking? #nofilter

What do you all think?  Do you have a window where you need some privacy but can’t seem to find the right shade?  Will you give this DIY a go?