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LAST WEEK I gave you a glimpse of the outside of our home as we transition into the cooler months.

Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

Halloween soon will take over our household so I wanted to give you a peek of the fall decor I incorporated inside before it’s too late!  Essentially all of my indoor fall decorating happened in the living room since it’s the space where we spend the most time and the space guests see when they come to visit. Here’s what I did, along with a few tips for transitioning your living room into fall with minimal clean up when it comes time to break out the skulls, jack o’ lanterns and spider webs.

Change up the mantel.  Typically I display a combination of shells, sea glass and other natural elements on our mantel, but for fall it’s all about wheat, acorns and pumpkins!

Embrace My Space: Fall Mantel

Since our TV is above the mantel I try to keep the decorations to a minimum.  My goal with styling the mantel was to create symmetry using either matching items (wheat, acorns on candle pedestals) or items that are similar in size/shape (“wood” candle and glass vase).

Layer in some new textiles.  Another way I bring fall into our living room is changing up the toss pillows.  This is a really easy way to change the feel of your room.  Now I’m not saying that you should go out and buy pillows adorned with pumpkins, acorns and fall leaves.  Think about color and texture instead.  Lucky for me, the toss pillows on my two occasional chairs are reversible.  In the summer, my pillows are flipped to the flowered side.

Embrace My Space: Bamboo Shades

For fall I flip them to the other side, which is a rich green velvet.  The color still works with my overall scheme in the living room, but the warmer texture announces that the weather outside is getting cooler!

Embrace My Space: Fall Mantel

I also picked up two textured pillows from Target to add to the mix.  The neutral color allows me to keep my other toss pillows in place, while still adding some seasonal warmth to the sofa.

Embrace My Space: Fall Styling

Swap in seasonal art.  If you’ve stopped by Embrace My Space in the past, you might know that I’m obsessed with chalkboard paint.  I have this chalkboard in a gilt frame as part of our living room gallery wall and I change out the drawing with each season.

Embrace My Space: Fall Styling

While you don’t need to use a chalkboard to change up your seasonal art, I find this to be a really simple method of doing so!  Alternatives would be to swap out a white picture frame for a warm, wooden one or simply hang a piece of art that speaks to the season (perhaps a shot of your backyard in the fall after the leaves have changed?).

Sprinkle a few pumpkins here and there.  My last go-to for fall is, of course, pumpkins!  I don’t have any real pumpkins inside.  While I typically cringe at fake flowers and other greenery, I just think it’s easier (and cheaper!) to use faux seasonal decor.  That way you don’t spend a fortune decorating your house each year.  The one caveat is that you shouldn’t purchase items that are trying to hard to look like the real thing.  My big green pumpkin here is made from natural seagrass, which is another nice way to incorporate a faux seasonal element without it looking cheap.  I think the color and texture work really well with my living room’s coastal casual vibe.

Embrace My Space: Fall Styling

What have you done to ready your home for fall?  Do you skip right over this time of year and go right for Halloween, or do you slowly transition your home into the cooler months like I did?

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