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PUMPKINS!  Yep, it’s that time of year again when everyone’s crazy for a pumpkin.  Beer, pie, soup, muffins, cheesecake, ravioli – you name it, it probably tastes pretty good when it’s made with pumpkin! In the Northeast, we not only welcome the pumpkin in our morning coffee but we also look forward to the gorgeous, crisp weather fall brings to the region.

Embrace My Space: Fall Porch

Although I love the summer, I appreciate fall because it brings beautiful sun by day and cool air that allows us to open our windows by night!  Once the humidity lifts I am all about getting outdoors to plant fall flowers.  I do the same thing in the spring, but for some reason I slack off caring for my plants over the summer.  The same can’t be said for my fall plants, which get a lot of TLC throughout the season.  Maybe it’s because I know that once these plants can no longer survive the weather, winter is here and I’ll be in full-on hibernation mode until at least April.

Because of this lovely weather one of my favorite things to do to transition our home from summer to fall is to liven up the front porch with some fall colors.  This year, I was wondering how I’d make this happen since I went ahead and painted our front door pink earlier this year (read more about that here).  The paint is Olympic’s Fuchsia Flock in high gloss. I don’t know about you, but pink just doesn’t scream fall to me.

Embrace My Space: Pink Front Door

This is a comparison of my pink door with the screen door closed (left) and open (right).  I was so disappointed when the screen door made the vibrant paint so blah.  Since then, I’ve replaced the screen door with glass so now the pink is bright and happy, just like I imagined!

But what do you do with a pink front door when you want to transition from the bright, sunny colors of summer to the more muted, natural colors of fall?  I looked to my friend Pantone, master of color, for its fall color trend predictions and wouldn’t you know a color very similar to my front door was included in the line up under the guise of Vivacious.  I’ll take it!

2013 Fall Color Trend Pantone

Photo via

I set to work blending some of Pantone’s other color suggestions into my front porch makeover.  Here’s the result of my efforts:

Embrace My Space: Pantone Fall Front Porch

It is REALLY hard for me to get a shot of my front door without a reflection in the glass.  At this time of year, sunset is my best bet for reflection free shots and decent lighting.

Now you have the perfect color palette to steal for your fall front porch – or your fall wardrobe for that matter.  These colors are great!  If you want to create a look similar to mine, just incorporate the following elements, mixing in the Pantone colors, and you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic fall front porch:

1. Seasonal Wreath – The simplest way to tell the world you’re ready for fall is to put a wreath on your front door.  Even if you live in a condo or apartment building you have a front door, so, unless your HOA prohibits it, slap up a wreath on your front door to welcome the new season!

Embrace My Space: Fall Wreath

I made my wreath using supplies from a local craft store as well as some items I had on hand.  A burlap ribbon and purple berries add great fall texture to my wreath and the monogram personalizes the look.  If you don’t have the time or motivation to make your own wreath, then buy a pre-made one at HomeGoods or Pier 1.  I’ll never tell.

2. Fall Plants – Mums, grasses, ornamental kale and cabbage.  That’s it for me.  While there are a ton of options to choose from, I kept my plants simple.

Embrace My Space: Fall Flowers

I love the rich colors of ornamental cabbages and their large, flower-like leaves.  Introducing these beauties to your fall flower arrangement is definitely worth a try.  This year I was super lazy and purchased pre-made container gardens from my local nursery.  You can’t deny they look good and you don’t even need to get your hands dirty to create this look!  I simply plopped the whole pot down inside a green-washed copper bucket I purchased from HomeGoods and called it a day.

3. Pumpkins and Gourds – It’s not a fall front porch unless a pumpkin is present!  It’s just not – don’t try to argue with me on this one.  I don’t know if this is a new phenomenon (maybe) or I just wasn’t paying attention before I turned about 25 (probable), but I don’t remember there ever being SO many varieties of pumpkins and gourds out there.  You can find so many shapes, sizes and colors of these babies it’s actually hard to choose which ones will look best.  For my front porch I chose a traditional orange carving pumpkin and then a few other pumpkins/gourds in interesting shapes and colors.

Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

4. Outdoor Rug – Adding a rug to your front porch is the perfect way to unite your whole look and to soften the otherwise hard exterior of your home.  I started out with this Bungalow Flooring outdoor rug I purchased from Sears.com.

Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

Using Martha Stewart multi-surface metallic craft paint in three colors (yellow gold, rust, copper), I sponge-painted a pattern onto my rug.

Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

This paint is labeled indoor/outdoor, so hopefully it will stand up to the harsher weather once that rolls into the area.  Until then, I’m enjoying the lovely pattern and fall look just a little bit of paint added to this otherwise uninspiring rug.

Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

By this point you might be starting to wonder if I’ll ever get to the GIVEAWAY portion of this post.  Lucky for you, your hard word and perseverance in reading this long post paid off.  Congratulations.  Here it is.

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Embrace My Space: Fall Front Porch

What do you have going on around your home for the fall?  Does it include pumpkins?  It better!