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HAPPY HUMP DAY!  I’ve spent the past few days making some final tweaks to the nursery and I think it’s nearly ready to welcome our little one.  Here was the state of my to-do list the last time we chat about the nursery:

  • Refinish the changing table
  • Organize changing supplies in/on the changing table
  • Dress the crib with bedding
  • Add more wall décor (thought I was done with this one, but still not sure)
  • Complete the “nursing” area with chair, lamp and table (I was going back and forth about getting a little table – I think one is in order!)
  • Make a throw pillow for the chair
  • Find the perfect houseplant and a spot for it
  • Purchase and install blackout shades for the window

Today I’m checking an easy, yet essential, item off the list.  The crib bedding!  Before we jump into the bedding, let’s start with how I decided on the crib.  Surprisingly, one of the most challenging items for me to find for our gender neutral nursery was the crib.  So many cribs have a definitive masculine or feminine feel that would be hard to neutralize with bedding, accessories or other nursery decor.  The other issue I kept running into was the limited choices available for crib finishes.  In the world of cribs it seems as if the most widely available finishes are white or espresso, neither of which were really speaking to me for this space.

Part of the challenge surrounding the crib finish was that we already had several other pieces of hand-me-down furniture to use in the nursery.  I knew I could refinish these pieces to make them all work in harmony in the nursery, without making them a matching set.  As a reminder, I had this small dresser that I updated with some fun chalkboard stripes.

Embrace My Space: DIY Chalkboard Dresser

I also had this sturdy changing table that I freshened up with a few coats of yellow paint.

Embrace My Space: Changing Table

I knew I was going to be painting these two pieces from the get-go, so finding a crib with a finish that made sense with painted items was important.  I decided that some type of wood finish was probably my best option from the standpoint of gender neutrality and with respect to coordinating the crib with painted pieces.  Since I love to infuse coastal casual style into most of my spaces, a weathered wood crib seemed to be my best option.  The only place I know that has a lot of options for weathered wood cribs is RH Baby & Child, but the prices are really high if you’re decorating on a budget!  Lucky for me, I live really close to an outlet and was able to score a weathered finish Kenwood panel crib for more than 50% off retail!

Here’s a look back at my original pinboard for the nursery, complete with the Kenwood crib as well as a photo of a rooster that I knew I wanted to hang somewhere in the space.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Bedding

I took the photo of the rooster when I was in Key West with Matt for our anniversary.  Since this is a nursery, I wanted the space to be really cheeky, youthful and playful.  What says cheeky more than that age-old question of “why’d the chicken cross the road”?  With the muted grey tone of the road and the yellow traffic lines, the colors in the photo were also perfect for what I was envisioning for the space.  I went to the Easy Canvas Prints website to get a copy of my photo enlarged onto a canvas for about $100.

Here’s a shot of this corner of the space all finished up:

Embrace My Space: Nursery

While the coordinating bedding sets you can find at RH Baby & Child, Pottery Barn Kids and even Etsy are totally adorable, because I had so many other colors and patterns going on in the space I exercised great restraint by selecting solids for the crib.  I got a turquoise and a yellow sheet, which I can switch out at will (or not at will, if you know what I mean…), and a textured white crib skirt.  All of these items are American Baby brand, 100% cotton and very affordable.

Embrace My Space: Nursery

To someone who loves layers and layers of color and pattern, this simple bedding is a bit outside my comfort zone.  Although I feel the bedding looks a bit underwhelming on its own, I think it’s the perfect balance to the extremely textural and colorful rug underfoot and the chandelier mobile above that I crafted out of cardstock.

Embrace My Space: Nursery

If it was my bed I’d throw on another blanket and a half dozen pillows, but since this is a baby’s bed I was limited to a sheet and crib skirt.  I did go a little bit crazy and threw a soft textured blanket from Marshall’s over the side of the crib for some pizzazz.  All in all, I’m pleased with the look.

Crib bedding. Check.  Just a few more items on that list to complete and this room will be all wrapped up!  If you want to see the rest of the nursery, check out this post I pulled together a few weeks ago.  I’ll be doing a final post of everything once I snap some photos of the finished space.

What do you think of my choice for the bedding?  Should I have included some more pattern, or do you think I have enough going on in the room that solids were the way to go?