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TRY SOMETHING ELSE!  This post is meant to illustrate a classic example of the drawbacks of impulsive shopping.  But before I get to that, let’s talk about our “new” chair!

Most of you know that I’ve been spending the majority of my time preparing the nursery for Bates’s arrival in a few short weeks.  My baby shower was this past weekend so for the past few days I’ve been laundering, folding and organizing teeny tiny clothing, blankets, diapering supplies and other tooth-achingly sweet baby stuff.  Not necessarily blog-worthy material, but important to take care of nonetheless.  All this combined with nights of poor sleep and general third trimester fatigue has caused me to neglect other DIY and decorating projects that I’d like to get done around here.  I guess this is a preview of motherhood!

Despite this barrage of first world problems, I do have a few updates to share today.  In this walk-through of the nursery I showed you a bare corner begging for some love.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Curtains

Since it’s throwback Thursday (who came up with that, anyway?), I figured I’d introduce you all to a throwback we’re using to warm up that corner in the baby’s room.  Meet ugly orange wing chair and her more sophisticated and successful twin, grey wing chair.

Embrace My Space: WIngback Redesign

Just kidding, I don’t have two of the same chair.  This is the same chair after her new upholstery job.  Matt wanted to have the chair reupholstered and I wanted to slip cover it to save money.  He ultimately convinced me that reupholstery, although the more pricey alternative, was the way to go.  Now, we have a lovely and tough-wearing grey fabric on the chair that will blend with other spaces in our home quite nicely.  Once we no longer need her in the baby’s room, we can easily find a new spot for her somewhere else in the house.  This was Matt’s great grandmother’s chair so it means a lot to him and I’m pleased we’re able to incorporate it into our baby’s room.

So let’s get back to the post at hand.  I was running errands earlier this week and, not surprisingly, ended up wondering the home décor section at Target for a floor lamp for the nursery.  One of the items on my to-do list for this space was to cozy up the empty corner so it’s a nice place for feeding baby right in the nursery.  The must-have items were a chair, lamp and some kind of small table.  With the chair in place, the biggest item was out of the way so I figured it was time to get a lamp.  I picked up this lamp, which was on sale for about $60.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Lamp

Womp, womp.  I hated it.  The scale was all wrong and the shade was not the right color.  I knew right away I hated it, but that didn’t stop me from leaving it up for a while to see if it grew on me.  It didn’t.

This is what happens when you shop impulsively and buy something just because it’s on sale.  I’m sure most of you know this, but things are usually on sale at Target for one reason only – no one else wanted it!  I packed the lamp back up so that I can return it.

I swapped the lamp out for one that I currently have in my living room.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Lamp

Ah, much better.  The finish on this lamp matches the crib perfectly and the shade is much better proportioned to the size of the chair.  I think the lamp might have found a new home.  There’s nothing like shopping in your own home for the perfect piece!  Now we’ll just have to look for something else to go in the living room.

And, no, I’m not crazy.  The lamp on the bookcase to the left of the chair will not be staying there.  I was just too lazy to move it out of the shot before snapping away.  Also, I took all of the photos for this post with my IPhone, which should indicate how sluggish I’m feeling as of late!

What do you think?  Did I make the right choice taking the first lamp back?