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I RECENTLY DANCED a little jig in my kitchen.  You all remember my kitchen, right?  If not, maybe this tooty fruity wallpaper will jog your memory.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen Wallpaper

The reason for my dancing you ask.  Well, last week my fruit-filled kitchen went from this:

Kitchen Before

To this:

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.  Ding dong, the fruit is dead.  Another wallpaper pattern bites the dust.  I am so happy that wallpaper is GONE.  It literally makes my head hurt looking at these before pictures.  Those vines filled with every imaginable variety of fruit coupled with heavy black cornice boards = BAD.

But now the fruit has been removed and replaced with Silver Sage paint by Restoration Hardware.  We decided to continue the color from our living room since the two rooms are essentially one.  Now you hardly notice that oddly placed dividing wall that separates the kitchen from the living room.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

For those of you keeping score, that’s two wallpapers down and four to go!  If you want to know more about where these wallpapers are throughout our home, take a look at this post.

Two Down

Matt and I had been thinking about tackling a full-blown kitchen renovation, but with the baby on the way we decided now is not the best time to dive into an enormous and expensive project.  I thought that if we could at least get rid of the wallpaper we’d be able to live with the kitchen as is for a few more years.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

Painting turned out to be a good decision.  With the wallpaper gone the kitchen has an entirely different look.  The white cabinets look cleaner, the space appears to be much larger and the kitchen is so much brighter!

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

While we still have a long way to go in this room, the paint is certainly a major step forward.  The kitchen probably wasn’t ready for a photo shoot quite yet, but I was excited to show you the update!  That said, I do have a few little details worth mentioning.  First of all, not all the fruit is gone!  I added this lovely bunch of vintage grapes to the windowsill.  I’ve wanted a bunch of these babies ever since I’d seen them at my great-great aunt’s condo in California about a million years ago (more like 24 or so, but who’s counting?).  My aunt (who is great, but not really a great aunt!) told her estate sale hunting friends to look out for a bunch for me.  They pulled through with this lovely blue bunch!  The color matches the scheme of our place perfectly and I know these babies will be front and center in the kitchen for a long time.

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

I also updated my chalkboards on the windowsill near the kitchen table with a cutesy summer saying.  Can you believe it’s already the middle of August?  What happened to the summer??

Embrace My Space: Kitchen

What do you think of the transformation?  Did anyone out there like the wallpaper?  What should I do next to give this kitchen a boost?  I’m thinking an update to the table and chairs is in order.

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