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GOOD MORNING and welcome to week four of the Inspired Design Challenge!  I can’t believe we have only one week of the challenge left!  Time flies when you DIY!

Inspired Design Challenge

This week we took our inspiration from Anthropologie, a retailer effortlessly styled with layer upon layer of gorgeousness.  Every time I step inside this place I want to buy one of everything!  I always spend a few minutes spinning the carousels of vintage-inspired knobs and pulls, dreaming up rooms in my home that would house my favorites of these shiny baubles.


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My inspirational image from this week captures the essence of the Anthropologie home collection.  Rustic wrought iron, soft billowy bedding and washed-out wood tones create the ethereal simplicity that makes Anthropologie lovers swoon.

Inspiration Image-Anthropologie

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The project I created this week blends a few Anthropologie signatures with my love for bright colors and coastal casual style.  I started out with this wall décor from HomeGoods that Matt, my husband, absolutely hates.  It hung in the front entry at our old place.  We used to drape umbrellas and scarves over the two crystal doorknobs, so it was quite functional.

Embrace My Space: Jewely Display

I’m not certain why Matt despises this thing so much, but since I don’t have a great spot for it at our new place I figured I’d turn it into something more beautiful that I could use rather than getting rid of it altogether.  With a little bit of paint and some craft store lace I turned the most-detested thing into a lovely display for my earrings and some of my necklaces.

Embrace My Space: Jewelry Display

This was a really simple upgrade.  I painted over the “HOME” panels with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.  If you’ve never used this stuff, you should give it a whirl.  You can paint over most types of wood finishes without prepping your piece first.  It’s a fantastic time-saver and blends really nicely with other colors so it’s perfect for creating a weathered look on your projects.  You also can apply different types of furniture wax over it to create beautiful depth in your finish.  The only negative about this paint is that it’s uber-expensive at nearly $40 a quart!!  AHH! Use sparingly!

Embrace My Space: Jewely Display

I used Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange mixed with a little satin Martha Stewart craft paint in Porcelain to tone down the bright orange just a bit.  I also lightly brushed the Porcelain paint over the frame because I wasn’t crazy about the original grey tone.  After my paint was dried, I hot glued two strips of lace across each windowpane.

Embrace My Space: Jewely Display

Since I recently added coral and other warm tones to our master bedroom, I thought these colors would work perfectly for the jewelry display.

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

I didn’t have the best lighting for these photos.  I really need to shoot the bedroom in afternoon light, but I didn’t get a chance to take the shots before this morning. I’m thrilled with this project!  Not only did I reuse something old that really didn’t work for us anymore, but now I have all my earrings right where I can see them.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget all of my jewelry options when they are buried inside boxes and drawers!

Embrace My Space: Jewelry Display

So are you feeling me on this one?  Do you see the Anthro-inspiredness coming through this project?

I know I used something rather specific as my starting point for this project, but you absolutely can make this using a plain old picture frame or even a salvaged window frame.  You’ll just need to find some pretty hardware to attach to the sides to use for hanging your necklaces or bracelets.  While you can find old door knobs and hardware at salvage shops, there’s nothing wrong with creating the look with something new like these Anthropologie door knobs.  No one will ever know the difference! Unless, of course, you’re like me and talk about it on the interweb.  You could even forget the hardware and make a display just for your earrings!

Don’t forget to stop over at the other challengers’ blogs to see what they came up with this week!  We are an Anthro-loving bunch!!


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Stop back next Monday for the final week of the challenge: World Market!