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IT’S ALREADY WEEK THREE of the Inspired Design Challenge!  This week I hope you’ll enjoy following along with me and the ladies as we reveal our projects inspired by West Elm!

Inspired Design Challenge

Last Friday I revealed my inspiration for the West Elm challenge.  In case you missed it, here’s another look.

Inspired Design Challenge: West Elm

If you guessed the capiz shell chandelier was my inspiration then you would be correct!  I am obsessed with that chandelier.  Matt and I had two different versions of it at our first place.  We had the rectangular West Elm chandelier in our dining room and the round version, which we actually purchased from World Market, in our front entry.

Embrace My Space

Inspired by the elegant and effortless shape of the chandelier, I put my own spin on this paper chandelier I made for baby Bates’s room.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Chandelier

I’m so sorry.  I SWEAR this is my last nursery-related inspired design challenge project!  I just need to get this baby’s room done before I am so tired that I could care less about what it actually looks like!!  But look, you could use this method for creating something sleek and chic for any room in your home.  Just swap out the colors and even the type of cardstock and you’ll have a neat faux chandelier that you can use to fancy up a boring corner of your space.  Hanging one above your kitchen sink would be really pretty, especially if you have a can light over your sink that would light it up from above.  You could also use this method to make a real chandelier if you have an electrical savvy friend who could wire it up for you.  I’d skip using the paper, however, and swap out a fire resistant material to make the circles if you’re actually going to put a light in it.

Here’s how I made it.  I started out with a $5 hanging basket from Lowe’s, removed the grass basket and spray painted it white.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

I purchased various colors of cardstock from the craft store, as well as two spools of 3/8″ satin ribbon and a circle puncher.  You could certainly make this without using the circle puncher (which cost about $10 after using a 40% off coupon), but you’d have to trace and cut each circle individually.  To me, that sounds more insane than stenciling polka dots on a ceiling when you’re 7 months preggo.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

After I cut my cardstock into a million circles, I laid the colors out on my table to get an idea of how I wanted the pattern to flow.  I decided on a dark under-layer of maroon and charcoal, a middle layer of ombre yellow and a top layer of various shades of teal.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

After I was satisfied with my color pattern, I hot glued the circles onto strips of the white ribbon.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

I hot glued the strands of circles to my wire basket base, starting at the bottom layer.  The bottom and top layer were easy because all I had to do was wrap the ribbon around the wire and secure it to the top circle of each strand.  The center layer was a little tricky because the ribbon wouldn’t wrap around the same way.  For that layer I used a dot of glue to secure each ribbon to the wire and then went back and wrapped each ribbon around the wire and glued it down against the top circle of each strand.

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

After all the strands were glued into place, I hung the chandelier above the crib with a simple white hook.  When I turn on the ceiling fan the strands sway ever so slightly in the breeze.  I think baby Bates will enjoy this, although I hope he or she doesn’t get too dizzy staring up at all those dots!

Embrace My Space: Nursery Mobile

There’s still a good deal of work to be done in this space, but I have a lot of the big items checked off at this point!  And what do you think of my Key West chicken art?? I took that photo when Matt and I were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in Key West last year.

Wondering what my fellow challengers have up their sleeves this week?  You’ll have to stop over to their blogs to find out!  Here are their inspirational images for West Elm week.

West Elm Inspirations

Clockwise from the top-left:

I can’t wait to see what the girls came up with this week!  Stop back next Monday for week four of the challenge: Anthropologie!