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AH, HA!  Don’t you love it when you solve a problem with little or no effort?  I really hate looking at the alarm clock and white noise machine on Matt’s dresser.  To classify this as a problem is trivial, but it was something that was bugging me nonetheless.

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

These gadgets are clearly necessities in the master bedroom, so I needed to come up with a way to hide them but still allow for easy accessibility.  While browsing the aisles at HomeGoods it hit me.  A seagrass basket!  The natural material works perfectly with the aesthetic of our master bedroom and would hide these two monstrosities.

Ta-da!  It was literally that easy.  I found a basket large enough to fit both pieces that perfectly complimented the wall décor.

Embrace My SpaceThe basket has a lid, and, by turning it on its side, we can hide our two gadgets inside during the day by shutting the door.  When it’s time to set the alarm at night, all we have to do is open the little door from the top to expose the machinery.

Storage Solution

I originally was thinking that I’d need to drill two holes in the basket to allow for the plugs and cords to snake through the back.  Since the basket is woven, however, all it took was a little stretch in the seagrass weave to pull the cords through.  No tools necessary!  This couldn’t have been easier.

Embrace My Space

I’m so happy with how easy it was to find the perfect storage solution for atop this dresser!  I also added a frame and a pretty glass vase with some dried flowers to round out the coastal-inspired vignette.

Are you having trouble finding a storage solution for something?  What have you come up recently to hide your clutter?