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WELCOME TO WEEK TWO of the Inspired Design Challenge! This week the ladies and I worked on projects inspired by Urban Outfitters.

Inspired Design Challenge

I must admit that Urban Outfitters is not the first store that comes to mind when I think of items for the home, but that place has a seriously cool vibe and I’m always surprised at all the interesting items tucked away in the Apartment section of the store.  Recently, I made a trip to Urban Outfitters to see if I could find some inspiration for this week’s project.  I snapped these shots along the way:

A cool installation hanging from the ceiling.

Embrace My Space

A bohemian bed tucked away in the back corner.

Embrace My Space

A cozy reading nook for displaying a selection of window panels.

Embrace My Space

Whenever I shop at Urban, I typically find myself spending time reading its fun typography.  Be it wall posters, T-shirts or coffee mugs, the quirky sentiments always give me a chuckle.  My inspiration for this week’s challenge was drawn from these little sayings that put a smile on my face without fail.

Embrace My Space

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If you’ve been following Embrace My Space recently, you know that we are expecting a baby in October and I’ve been spending a ton of time getting the nursery ready for our little one. The Inspired Design Challenge has been the perfect opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and keep me on track with nursery projects.  Since I love typography artwork in general (see this post), I knew the baby’s room had to display a cutesy little saying somewhere.  And Urban offered the perfect inspiration!

Like Urban’s cheeky artwork, I didn’t want to do something too predictable.  After some thought, I came up with this:

Embrace My Space

Awwwww, isn’t it sweet?  I actually stole the saying from the lyrics of a favorite Weezer song.  I still want to try to be somewhat cool after becoming a mom…is Weezer even cool anymore?  I asked Matt if we could name our child Rivers if it’s a boy.  He said ‘no’.  I’m such a child of the 90s.

My love for 90s alternative rock bands aside, I really do think the saying is quite cute for a baby’s room.  Here’s how I made it:

Embrace My Space

Using a lettering stencil I bought at the local craft store, I penciled all of my letters on to two different colors of cardstock (creamy yellow to match the chalkboard dresser I showed you last week and bright teal).  I traced the letters backward so that when I cut them out the stray pencil marks would be on the back of the letters.

Embrace My Space

After cutting out all the letters, I lined them up on a large framed mirror that I bought at HomeGoods to get a feel for the spacing.  I went back and forth about whether I wanted to paint the letters on the mirror, but I settled on cardstock because it is much easier to manipulate and creates less of a mess!  I also contemplated applying my saying over a cool print or poster, but thought that the mirror would be nice since babies seem to like mirrors.

Embrace My Space

Once I settled on the general spacing of the words, I measured to make sure each line would be spaced appropriately.  Then I leveled and taped a piece of clean cardstock onto the mirror to use as a guide for the bottom of each line.  Using a craft sponge, I applied a conservative coating of tacky glue to the back of each letter then stuck the letters to the mirror.  I started with the first and last letter of each line and then worked my way in so that my spacing on the sides and between letters would be consistent.

Embrace My Space

I used an old t-shirt to buff any stray glue off the mirror.  Although there were a few places where I had to lightly scratch the dried glue off, most of the marks came up with just a swipe of the t-shirt.  We ultimately decided to hang the mirror above the changing table.  As you can see, the top of the changing table is not yet ready for baby.  Any moms or dads out there want to give me some pointers about what supplies I should have on top of the changing table?  Obviously, a lamp, cocktail tray and house plant are not very practical!Embrace My Space

What does everyone think?  Will you try this out for yourself?  It’s really easy, I promise!

While you’re browsing the web today, don’t forget to stop by the blogs of my fellow challengers to see what they’ve come up with this week.  Here are their inspirational images:

Inspiration Images

Clockwise from the top-left:

I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with this week!  Stop back next Monday for week three of the challenge: West Elm!