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I’VE OFFICIALLY kicked it into high gear around this place.  Since most of my recent efforts have been spent on the nursery, I decided it was time to give some attention to the other spaces in our home that might be neglected for a few months (years??) after baby Bates’s arrival.  I figured our master bedroom was the perfect place to start.  It will be nice to have a serene (and completed!) space to spend the few precious hours that we will get to sleep in the coming months.

In case you forgot, this is what our master bedroom looked like when we moved in.

Embrace My Space: Bedroom Before

And this is what it looks like now.  You can also find a few more shots on this post.

Embrace My Space: Bedroom Progress

So far we purchased new furniture, painted, hung faux bamboo shades and our sunburst mirror.  The most dramatic change in the space is the layout of the furniture.  We flipped the bed to the opposite wall so the windows could frame our Chippendale headboard. That’s the extent of the work we’ve done in this space.  I think bedrooms are the easiest spaces to decorate because they really only need lovely textiles, art/wall decor, furniture and paint to look great.  That’s it – ha! Oh, and maybe a few mirrors!

Since we are kicking off the Inspired Design Challenge with Target next week, I made a visit to Target over the weekend to see if I could find some inspiration.  And I did.  A lot.  But not for the design challenge; for my master bedroom.  I purchased new bedding and curtains!  Have I mentioned that Target is the black hole of spending? I went in for 3M double-sided wall mounting strips and a graduation card…..

Here’s a look at the bed with my new bedding:

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

I’d been thinking all along that I wanted to add coral to warm up the cool blues used throughout the room.  Well wouldn’t you know that I stumbled upon some lovely striped coral curtains in the windows section of the store.  The curtains aren’t up yet because that’s a two person job in our household, Matt drilling and me instructing, so stay tuned for that update!

With a set of panels in hand, I made my way over to the bedding area to see what Target had to offer.  That’s when I spotted this lovely light coral Threshold quilt.  It’s called the “Soft Floral Quilt,” which I think is the perfect description.  Although it is flowers, the design reads more organic and soft.  Read: my husband will allow it because it doesn’t really look like flowers.

Here’s a tip if you have a big fat pillow top mattress like we do.  Buy a quilt (or blanket, duvet/duvet cover, etc.) one size larger than your mattress.  The larger size gives you just enough length on the sides and bottom to avoid “short pants” syndrome on your bed.  This syndrome occurs when your bedding is not long enough to cover your mattress and your sheets peek out.  EEEk! For an example look at the picture of my bed with our old bedding, which is a Queen size duvet.

Unfortunately, this tip really only works for a Full or Queen mattress, because once you have a King mattress you run out of bedding sizes to increase.  What about a California King you say?  Well, a California King mattress is longer and narrower than a regular King.  So while a California King blanket will give you extra length you will still be stuck with “short pants” syndrome on the sides.

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

My next stop was to the accent pillow aisle to see if I could find some nice Euro shams to round out the bed.  I immediately snapped these coral and grey striped pillows, also by Threshold, right off the shelf! The graphic stripes, which are achieved with a mixture of chiffon and velvet strips of fabric, are the perfect balance to the organic print quilt.  Topping it all off is a small accent pillow that pulls all the colors together.  I originally was thinking about the pillow pictured below, but settled on this geometric style because of the softer orange and because the blue matched our painted dresser.

Xhilaration® Print Embroidered Decorative Pillow - Turquoise

Photo via

I know some people think toss pillows are stupid.  And you know what, I think you’re stupid! Totally kidding.  To each his own.  But I do love toss pillows.  If you don’t love toss pillows, your regular bed pillows plus two Euros will create a perfectly divine bed.  You’ll be happy that you have those Euros to prop yourself up when you’re reading in bed.  In my house, we aren’t allowed to actually “use” the decorative pillows.  They all go on the floor at night and are replaced with about 8 pillows in ugly pillow cases, plus my long snake pregnant lady pillow.  Insanity you say?  Maybe you’re right.  That scene from Along Came Polly where Jennifer Aniston shreds Ben Stiller’s pillows with a carving knife comes to mind.

From this angle you can see that I only have five pillows on the bed now.  I purchased simple ivory quilted shams for the base layer of pillows.  You can also see how nicely the King size quilt fits over the high mattress.  No more sheets peeking out on the sides!

Embrace My Space: Master BedroomHere’s a shot of the blue dresser that sits opposite our bed.  I painted this dresser back when we lived at our first place and I still love the color!  It’s called Ocean Slumber by Valspar and is the perfect blue!  I used high gloss paint to give the dresser a sleek look.  Although it’s hard to tell in the photo, the drawer pulls are chrome surrounding a light turquoise that matches our bed almost exactly.

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

Here’s a little looksee at the before and after of this dresser in case you don’t remember its pre-makeover 1980s look.

Embrace My Space: Dresser Makeover

The styling on the dresser is minimal and functional.  Who am I kidding, it’s not styled at all!  I hate how the alarm clock and white noise machine look, so I’m thinking up a functional solution to hide them.  I’m feeling so inspired this week, I just might come up with something great!

Embrace My Space: Master Bedroom

I’ll be back soon to show you the window treatments.  I also have a little project I’m working on in here that will be revealed during the Anthropologie week of the Inspired Design Challenge.  You wont want to miss it!