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I HAVE A CONFESSION to make.  It’s about this guest bedroom of mine that I’ve been working so hard on for the past few months.  Well, let’s just say it’s for a more permanent guest.  A guest who will be more comfortable sleeping in, say, this kind of bed:

Embrace My Space: Nursery Pinboard

That’s right, my friends!  Mr. Bates and I are expecting a baby this October and we couldn’t be happier!  I’ve been spending most of my waking DIY/home improvement hours on a space for our baby, thus all of my faux “guest bedroom” updates.  I wanted to be able to share my progress on the space without spilling the beans.  With just three short months until baby’s arrival and my high energy second trimester nearing its end (not to mention my ability to stand on a ladder or do anything else that requires any type of coordination), I decided it was time to kick this makeover into high gear and to bring you all in on our fun.

I’ve been collecting magazine clippings, photos and swatches over the past few months in order to create an inspirational pinboard to organize my design for the nursery.  While I love Pinterest and have a nursery pinboard filled with all of my favorites I’ve found on the web, sometimes you can’t beat a good old-fashioned corkboard and push pins.

Nursery Pinboard Reveal

Creating a true pinboard requires careful editing because you have only so much space to collect your thoughts.  Unlike the hot mess that is my Pinterest nursery pinboard, using a real pinboard allowed only my best ideas and favorite inspirational pieces to make the cut, thereby allowing me to create a streamlined plan for my nursery.

Any guesses on the gender of baby based on my pinboard?

I hope not because I’m trying to create a neutral nursery since Matt and I are waiting until baby’s birthday to find out the gender!  I’m using a blend of tranquil turquoises, warm greys and creamy yellows to inform the color scheme.  Mixing in natural textures, playful patterns and some animal-inspired whimsy will create a sophisticated but not too serious nursery for baby Bates.

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect to see pop up in our final nursery reveal:

1.  BIG-BOX FINDS!  Target and HomeGoods have been great resources to help keep me on a budget.  I plan to jazz up these Target Threshold panels to make them really special.

Embrace My Space: Nursery

2.  COLOR AND PATTERN!  Polka dots are a classic pattern I’ve been using throughout the space to keep it light and fun.  You’ll soon see that I got a lot of use out of this 12×12 stencil!

Embrace My Space: Nursery

This playful Otomi will add some fun to my otherwise serene color scheme.  You may recognize the pattern from the pillows that I made for our old master bedroom.  I can’t get enough of this traditional Mexican pattern!

Embrace My Space: Nursery

Photo via

More color will find its way into the nursery in the form of bold stripes that play nice with my beloved Otomi menagerie!Embrace My Space: Nursery

3.  HAND-ME-DOWNS!  Hand-me-down items have been another enormous money-saver in our nursery!  I’ve been using this beautiful changing table given to me by a friend as a bedside table in my other guest bedroom.  Soon it will be taking its proper place in the nursery!

Embrace My Space: Nursery

Another hand-me-down piece, this one from my mom, will provide additional storage for all of baby Bates’s supplies and other goodies.  Take a good look now, because you might not recognize this dresser the next time you see it!

Embrace My Space: Nursery

4. WHIMSICAL DECOR!  What fun is a nursery without a little whimsy?  The nursery is the one space that you can shamelessly break free of your decorating inhibitions and show your quirky side!  Some interesting décor items and DIY projects will fill the walls in our nursery, leaving no question that this space is for a kid with dorky parents!

Embrace My Space: Nursery

As you can tell from my other “guest bedroom” posts (here, here and here) I have a TON of work left to do in the nursery.  Right now Matt’s old full-size bed is still smack dab in the middle of the room and the other nursery items are strewn about our house.  Now that the secret is out, however, I’ll be sure to bring you lots of updates as my progress continues!

I hope you’re all excited to see the finished product – I know I can’t wait to complete this space!