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I’M MAKING PROGRESS in the guest bedroom, which started out looking a lot like this:

Embrace My Space: Guest Bedroom 1.0

After we moved our bed in the space looked a bit more pulled together, but that still didn’t help the boring wall color.

Embrace My Space: Guest Bedroom 1.0

So I decided to coat the walls in a relaxing seafoamy hue by Valspar called Tranquil Bay.

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Bay

And here’s the result!


The color is very soothing and I love how it backs up the dark wood bed and poppy red nightstands that I gave a little facelift to when we lived in our old house.  Check out this post for the details on that project and a 101 on refinishing furniture.

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Guest Bedroom

As you can see from the top corner of this shot, I didn’t paint all the way up to the ceiling yet.  We are contemplating installing crown molding, so I don’t want to spend time cutting in the edges if we will eventually have molding that will cover up my perfect lines.  I’m also going to paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color, but that step will also come after the crown molding decision.  The entire first floor, second floor hall and our master bedroom have crown, but none of the smaller bedrooms or bathrooms have it.  I’m thinking if we go one room at a time, it will be a manageable upgrade.

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Guest Bedroom

And, yes, that’s a painted outlet and outlet cover in the bottom left hand corner.  There are basically two philosophies for this particular design decision, paint them or don’t paint them.  Well, I guess there are two and a half philosophies.  The “half” being that you can paint the cover but not the outlet itself.  I think that looks totally stupid, so I don’t take that option into consideration.

Personally, I’m in the do-not-paint-them school.  I usually remove every outlet cover, tape the relevant screws to the back and put them into a big plastic bag before I begin painting.  My philosophy in this room was different for two reasons.

One, our outlets and covers are almond, which I hate.  Almond outlets are like an old undershirt.  No matter how sparkly and clean the rest of you looks, if your undershirt is not bright white you look dirty and smelly.  Same philosophy with a room.  And get this, your almond outlets make you look extra dirty if your space has crisp white trim.  The only thing I like looking extra dirty is my Grey Goose martini, so the almond outlets had to go.

Second, the outlet covers in this room had been painted so many times that they were caked beyond oblivion with crusty old paint.  I decided that giving them a light stand and painting over them would be less of a headache.

Thus, the painted outlets and covers.


Embrace My Space: Tranquil Guest Bedroom

Other than the bed and nightstands, this wooden dresser is the only other piece of furniture in the room.  It will eventually undergo some type of transformation, but I haven’t gotten this space to a point where I’m ready to dive into refinishing this piece.  My peacock artwork is from the deKanimal shop on Etsy.  This shop features super-cheerful illustrations in vibrant colors.  Stop by if you’re looking to add some happy chic to your home!

I’ll be back in the near future with updates on this space!