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MY TERRARIUM was looking beat.  I’m mean, the country of Jamaica would probably never let me come back if it knew I was flying its flag in this hot mess of a house plant.  And since I love rum punch, pepper pot soup and the Caribbean sea, I decided something needed to be done.

Embrace My Space: Terrarium Remix

So I went out and got myself some cutesy little plants.  I usually like to put succulents in my terrarium (evidence here) but this time I decided to go with some green leafies.  Since I know next to nothing about plants or gardening, I always stick to a tried and true method for selecting a grouping of plants – color palette.  Then I look at the tag stuck down inside to make sure that one type of plant doesn’t require full sun while another requires mostly shade.  That’s my not-so-scientific method for creating a lovely garden.

This hot pink kalanchoe (top right) caught my eye, so I picked out some other tiny plants that I thought looked nice with her (of course she’s a “she”, she’s pink!)  My flower shop calls these mini container gardens fairy gardens, and the plants that inhabit them fairy garden plants.

Embrace My Space: Terrarium Remix

Have I mentioned how happy I am that it’s spring?  Photos, especially of vibrant flowers, look so lovely when taken in full sun.  And would you look at that lush green grass in the background?  Wow.

Since I already had the base of my terrarium assembled, this project took me all of 10 minutes.  If you’re starting from scratch, check out this post where I walk you through how to create the foundation for your terrarium with charcoal, rocks and all that other messy stuff.  This time, I simply removed the dead plants and put the new plants in their place.  Then I layered in some fresh green moss to cover the dirt surrounding the plants.  After giving my terrarium a nice spray, this is how it looked:

Embrace My Space: Terrarium Remix

At our old house I kept our terrarium on our dining room table where I saw it everyday and cared for it regularly.  I suppose that my failure to do this at our new house led to its neglect.  I kept it in a corner of our currently empty dining room, which I go into maybe once a week to yell at my kitties.  Speaking of my kitties, here’s one of them now checking out the new curiosity.

Embrace My Space: Terrarium Remix

This is Des.  He and the little terrarium owl that you can see peeking out in the front have the same glowing green eyes.  I highly recommend a little critter for inside your terrarium.  Pick out something that makes you smile.

Oh, and how about all those seashells?  Matty and I collected those when we were on the Gulf coast of Florida last month for my 30th birthday.  I’d never seen such great shells before.  There were literally too many to pick up.  We also found about 10 sand dollars, which I will be using for another DIY project in the near future.  Sand dollars are super delicate so I’m trying to come up with something that wont completely destroy them.

Embrace My Space: Terrarium RemixI’m happy with the end product.  It’s nice to have a little color in the terrarium for a change.  Let’s see how long I can keep this one alive.  Again, these are pretty low maintenance plants.  You spray them with a spray bottle every other day or so and they should be fine.  Just make sure you put them somewhere that they get lots of light – but not direct light.  I think this spot on the kitchen table will work well, but only time will tell.

What is everyone out there planting this weekend?  Are you doing indoor gardening, or are you putting your plants in outside?  I always hear that Mother’s Day weekend is the safe zone for planting outside in the North East.  We should be free of frost from this point out, so go for it if you live in my neck of the woods.

Love to all the Mommas!