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WHILE MY HUBBY works outside spreading mulch until he has to put the chiropractor on speed dial and weeding until he’s got poison ivy between his toes, I’ve been spending my time in a more comfortable environment – the guest bedroom! If you’ve seen this post, then you might be wondering why I’m calling this post Guest Bedroom 1.0.  Well, the fact of the matter is, I got allota bedrooms in this house.  This is the other guest bedroom, which also needs some TLC.  I’ve been spending time updating this space over the past few weeks.  And when I say spending time, what I mean is that I’ve been thinking a lot about it and what I’m going to do.  To give credit where credit is due, I did start to paint.  As I was uploading the shots I’ve been taking to track my painting progress, I realized that I never showed you this room.  EVER!  Here it is before we moved in:

Embrace My Space: Guest Bedroom 1.0

Picture taking tip – always make sure the room looks really BAD when you are taking your “before” shot.  This makes the after look that much more impressive!  If the bed is unmade and there are dirty underwear on the floor, snap away!  Bad lighting that day? Even better!

Back to the room.  I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that the space is the color of human flesh, much like the rest of our house when we moved in.  Note, thus far we’ve only tackled painting the living room and master bedroom.

When we moved our furniture into the room, it became exponentially better.  I credit the bedding for really making it look like I did something magical in here already.  I don’t mean to pat myself on the back, but when I put my mind to it I think I can make a pretty mean bed.

Embrace My Space: Guest Bedroom 1.0

Most of the linens you see here are recycled from somewhere else.  The quatrefoil bedspread and shams are new and from TJ Maxx.  Everything else I had.  The plaid bedskirt was from Matt’s childhood bedroom, as are the matching pillows and quilt you can see peeking out from the top.  Incidentally, the bed was also from Matt’s old room.  It’s a nice solid wood bed, and we were happy to take it when his mom said she was ready for something new at her house.  The quilt at the bottom of the bed was a wedding gift from my friend, Kirra.  Her mom made it and it’s amazing.

Embrace My Space: Otomi PIllows

The red otomi and peacock pillows are from the master bedroom in our old house.  I like the color/pattern combo that’s going on here.  Again, don’t judge me too harshly since I was trying to recycle on this bed.  Ok, so have I fooled you into thinking that I’ve actually done something in this room?

I didn’t think so.

Let me tell you what I actually have been doing to spruce it up.  Picking out paint!  For those of you who know me, this is typically a very painstaking process.  This time, I picked out a handful of swatches from Lowe’s.  Everything is kind of in the sea green color family.

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Bay Paint

I know some of these swatches look yellow, but that’s just the overhead light fooling you.  Every color here is some variation of a sea green.  I ended up choosing Tranquil Bay by Valspar:

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Bay

Even though it’s a shade darker than I’d typically go on the walls, I found it to be a very serene color for a bedroom nonetheless.  I also think it looks great with the quatrefoil bedspread.  Valspar makes pretty nice paint.  It rolls on thick, has primer mixed right in, isn’t too smelly and has no VOCs.  VOCs are the solvents that are released from paint as it dries that can sometimes make you get a headache or become dizzy.  Sometimes paint without the VOCs is said to be of poorer quality, but I think this stuff is just fine!

Embrace My Space: Tranquil Bay Paint

I painted 3/4 of the room so far.  Since Matt’s been out in the yard so much, I can’t seem to a time for him to help me move the bed away from the wall so that I’m able to paint the back of the room.  Maybe next week.  Once the paint is all up, I’ll show you how it looks.

Until then, tell me what spring projects you have going on at your house?  Any interior painting?  What about painting a front door?