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DO YOU LOVE striped rugs?  I’m a big fan.  I currently own five, only one of which really has a permanent spot in our new house.  Stripes are such a classic pattern (or non-pattern if you’re mixing them with florals, ikats or other bold prints) and they work so well with the coastal, casual style that Matt and I really love.  It’s no wonder our house is literally overflowing with stripes.

At our first house, we had a 10×12 striped dhurrie from Pottery Barn in our third floor den which I later swapped out for this graduated blue/white striped rug from West Elm.  I keep moving these two rugs around our new place.  First the basement, then the guest room, now our bedroom…the fun never ends.  I’d show you a picture of my bedroom, but I don’t feel like making my bed today.

Embrace My Space: Third Floor Den

In our old living room reading area we had our 5×7 striped shag rug from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Right now this rug lives in one of the guest rooms in our new place.

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Photo via: Adrienne DeRosa

The bed in our guest room is always made, so I will show you a picture of that.

Embrace My Space: Guest Bedroom

The second floor of our new place has wall-to-wall carpet.  While I prefer hardwood floors, I must admit that having the cushy rug underfoot during the winter is really nice.  It’s also a lot easier to vacuum the carpets than it is to keep up sweeping and polishing hardwood floors.  Of course this won’t deter me from having an area rug in every room.  There are different opinions out there about whether an area rug layered over wall-to-wall carpet works.  I personally don’t see anything wrong with it; especially if the base carpet is a nice neutral.

We also have a 5×7 indoor/outdoor rug by Dash & Albert that moved from our front porch to our foyer in our old place.  This rug currently lives in our kitchen with all of its wacky fruit wallpaper.  Needless to say, the kitchen is a hot mess right now.

Embrace My Space:  Green Front Door

Photo via: Adrienne DeRosa

The latest (and most calculated in terms of my current decorating scheme) addition to our striped rug collection is a 6×9 cotton flatweave striped rug from Dash & Albert.  I purchased it specifically to warm up the cold hardwood floor in our office.  Actually, the shag rug that is currently in the guest bedroom started out in the office, but he got the boot since it was too hard to wheel my desk chair over the plush pile.

Embrace My Space:  Dash & Albert

You might remember from this post, that the office has been my pet project since we moved into our new place.  To refresh your memory, this is how it used to look:

Embrace My Space:  Office ProgressEmbrace My Space:  Office Progress

So far, we removed the wallpaper, installed beadboard paneling/chair rail, painted (walls/ceiling) and hung window treatments.  The next big item on the agenda is the installation of a lighting fixture to shed some light up in here.  Honestly, who can work in an office without overhead lighting?  Not sadly, the ceiling fan will go.  After that, the main focus will be a functional and economical desk that has a large work surface and plenty of storage.

I don’t have a retailer very close to me that sells Dash & Albert rugs so I had to go with my gut that this new guy would look good based on the online photos.  It’s so hard to determine whether something is true to color on your computer screen.  The color that I was most worried about matching was the orange.  The curtain panels are such a bright hue, and orange is not the most forgiving color.

When it arrived I was so happy to discover that the color was spot-on.  The best part is that I found this beauty online, used a 20% off coupon from RetailMeNot.com and scored free shipping.  Dash & Albert rugs are already quite the economical choice for a homeowner on a budget, so these extras were the cherry on top!  The rug gods were on my side with this purchase!

Embrace My Space:  Dash & Albert

This rug, called Stone Soup, also introduces a few other great colors into the mix that I will be sure to pull out using desktop accessories and wall decor.  Um, hello, pink!  The subtle green stripes work great with the storage boxes already stacked in my bookcase, and I picked up this cute basket from Target to use as a trash can that is a perfect match to the rug’s aqua tones!

Embrace My Space:  Dash & Albert

Do any of you have a Dash & Albert rug at home?  What colors of Stone Soup do you think I should focus on incorporating throughout the rest of the space?