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THIS MORNING my teeth are chattering, but I’m burning a coconut candle and thinking warm thoughts.  Since it’s too cold to go outside, I thought I’d stay in to work on blog updates and house projects.  Today I wanted to quickly to show you some of the progress in our living room.  You’ll remember when we moved in the living room looked like this:

  Living Room Before

After we moved our furniture into the space, it looked like this:

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

We still haven’t painted, but we did decide to hang some of our art on the walls.  Remember these lovelies that I got at my favorite store, HomeGoods?

HomeGoods Happy We found a place for them in our living room.  They are now flanking our sliding glass door.  Everything still looks a bit “off” because of the wall color and the fruity/flowery cornice board.  New paint and window panels are next on the list for our living room.

Embrace My Space: Living Room

There are two colors in the running for the walls right now:  Silver Sage and Light Silver Sage, both by Restoration Hardware.  Which color to you guys like best?

Embrace My Space: Living Room

On the other side of the room we hung a gallery to fill the large space above the sofa.  The chalkboard is a DIY that I made for our wedding (we used it as a menu board) and the mirror is another HomeGoods find.  It was originally gold gilt like the chalkboard frame, but I decided to paint it turquoise.  Creating a gallery wall like this is an easy way to cover a large wall and to display several of your favorite pieces of art in a space that gets a lot of traffic.

Embrace My Space: Living Room

Make a gallery wall work by uniting the art pieces using a common thread.  This can be achieved through using the same size, shape or color frames for your photos or art pieces.  You can also use my technique, which is to unite the pieces through color.  Here, all of the pieces coordinate using either turquoise, red, gold and black.

Embrace My Space: Living Room

I also decided to keep my DIY Christmas card holders in place, but swapped the cards out for photos of family and friends.

What do you think?  We still have a lot of work to do, but this is definitely progress!