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THEY SAY SLOW AND STEADY wins the race.  If that’s the case, then I’m totally winning.  Although I’m not sure what.  What I do know is that we have yet to kick it in to high gear around this place.  Since moving in last November, we’ve only painted one room (the office) and wallpaper still plagues the entire first floor.

At our first place we dove in head first, painting essentially every room in the house within the first few months.  This time we are taking time to think through every paint color and design decision before we jump head first into a project.   I’m determined not to waste my money on every cute lamp or mirror that taunts me from the hallowed aisles of HomeGoods.  Everything will be done with purpose in this new house.  At least that’s my goal.  Thus far I’ve exercised great restraint and I’m proud to say that I’ve only hammered four nails into these walls (for our DIY Christmas card holder that I am currently turning into a photo gallery).

I’m also trying to recycle as much furniture and as many accessories from the old house as I can without replicating the design of those old spaces.  We have a lot of rooms to fill in this house and, without some creativity, it will be easy for me to make this house look just like the first one.  Here’s my first attempt at refreshing some of our old pieces in our new place:

Embrace My Space:  Guest Room

You might recognize the headboard from our old master bedroom, which looked a little something like this:  Embrace My Space:  Master Bedroom

The rest of this room was pulled from the guest room at our old house, which, if you don’t remember, looked like this:  Embrace My Space:  Turquoise Bedroom

I never loved how the nightstands in the old guest room were so uneven.  While I don’t believe a bed must be flanked with matching nightstands, I do prefer a symmetrical look.  In our new guest room, I achieved more symmetry by using a wooden dresser that is similar in height to the green, mirrored piece.  The lamps still aren’t exactly even, but stacking a few books under the lamps until they are is an easy way to fix that.  These lamps are also adjustable, so raising one of them up so it’s a bit taller than the other also will work.  Embrace My Space:  Guest Room

I used a green tray to relate the two pieces, while navy and green toss pillows tie everything together.  All of the pieces in this space, with the exception of the duvet cover, are from our first place.  Embrace My Space: Guest Room

Of course, Matt and I made our navy and white striped headboard.  If you’re new to the DIY world don’t be afraid to make your own upholstered headboard.  It’s a super easy project  (learn more about our headboard here).

Embrace My Space: Guest Room

This piece is actually a changing table that my friend gave to me after her babies were all grown up!  I swapped out the knobs to give it a little facelift.  It’s a solid piece of furniture with plenty of storage, and I have a feeling it will be moved around our house over the years as our needs change!

The space is definitely a work in progress.  You gotta start somewhere, right?  I look forward to sharing all of the updates with you!