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IT AIN’T PRETTY, but it’s a start.  I’m talking about our living room.  While I gave you a little tour of the first floor of our new place here, I neglected to mention the space where we’ll likely spend most of our time.  I’m not feeling all that chatty today, so I am going to let the photos do most of the talking.  Forgive me.  I’ve been drafting too many bylaws and agreements lately. 

I took this shot of the living room on the day we had our home inspection.  Nice, right?  Chunky crown moulding, gas fireplace with lovely mantel, lotsa light and sliding glass doors that open onto a wooden deck.  This vantage point is from the hallway that leads into the garage, so it’s the first room you see when entering the house via the garage.  Living Room BeforeThen we wrecked the place with all of our junk.  Our lovely, yet formidable, sectional sofa dictated the configuration of the space.  Of course(!) we had to buy a new TV, because no TV that we already owned would be the right size or depth to make sense hanging above the fireplace. 


This is how the space looks today.  Sofa cushions in order, ottomans in place and TV mounted.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

Here is another shot of the living room on home inspection day.  You can see here it opens up right into the eat-in kitchen area with the fruit of the loom wall paper.  You can also see my hubby, Matt, and our realtor, Andy, standing around, likely discussing paint colors and new wallpaper options….or beer and the Phillies.


Below is the same angle of the space, this time with our light, beachy furniture.  Not too shabby.  It’s far from perfect, however.  First off, that ceiling fan has got.to.go!  I’m sorry.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I wish ceiling fans weren’t so damn functional because I HATE THEM!  Yes.  I hate ceiling fans.  HATE.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

Our new house has eight ceiling fans.  EIGHT!  Including one in the kitchen!  The good news is I get to shop for EIGHT new lighting fixtures to replace the monstrosities.  Couldn’t you just picture something lovely like this hanging in place of the ceiling fan in the living room?

Turquoise Chandelier

Photo via Belle Escape

Ok, I am snapping back from my reverie to show you the rest of the space.  Over to the right of the sofa is my little teal, recycled wood table that I purchased at HomeGoods.  If you read this post, you’ll remember that I was using the teal table as our media console on the other side of the room.  That was until I bought something new about a week later.  I’ll show you that in a few.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

I gave my sea urchins a Christmas makeover by adorning them with beaded garland and some shiny spiral tree ornaments.  The “presents” are square framed mirrors from IKEA that I covered with wrapping paper and ribbon.

Below are some pictures of our leopard print chairs that flank the fireplace.  I love the pattern on these chairs, which is a mixture of taupe, gold and light blue.  To me, the color of the walls really messes with these chairs (as well as everything else in the room) so that also will change.  Eventually.  We’ll also get rid of the green/brown carpet in this space, which is a complete drag on my fresh color palette.  That, unfortunately, is even further down the road than the paint change.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

I couldn’t pass up the snowflake pillows when I saw them at Target.  The colors fit right in with the rest of our Christmas decor.  The chevron ottomans are also from Target (Missoni for Target), and made the trip with us from Pittsburgh.

This is the first time I’ve had a mantel, so I am going to have to play around with it for a bit before I get it right.  So far it’s been easy because, since it’s red, the fireplace looks pretty good with all of the Christmas decor.  We’ll see what happens once most of the red in the space goes away.

The seashell likely will always have a place on the mantel or somewhere else in the living room.  I bought him at the straw market in Montego Bay, Jamaica from one of the artisans.  If you ask me, he looks pretty cute all dressed up for Christmas with some curly ribbon.  The wooden angel fish on the other side is also from the straw market.  To finish off the mantel, I layered in some presents and filled a wooden box with sparkly pine cones and disco ball ornaments.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

Moving to the right of the fireplace, as I mentioned above, I used to have my teal HomeGoods table on the opposite side of the room.  Here’s a photo of how that looked.

Embrace My Space:  Sea Glass Tree

But then I was at Arhaus and I saw a weathered wood cabinet that I thought would be perfect to serve as our media console.  I knew the grey, weathered finish would look really great with our coffee table so I just had to buy it.  Here’s a photo of the new media console, which is filled with Christmas lights and goodies for now.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

It probably goes without saying that the cornice boards and curtains will eventually go. Far, far away from here.  I just went to Home Depot today to pick up some drapery hardware for the two windows.  The new window hardware matches some old stuff we already have that will be used to hang white panels on either side of the sliding glass door.  Matching panels will be hung on each of the two small windows next to the fireplace.  I’m thinking it makes the most sense to wait to hang the drapery panels until after we paint, so we are stuck with the flowers for a little while longer.

Here’s a tight shot of the top of the new media console.  The tabletop was a little underwhelming as I had styled it previously so I dressed it up with some beaded garlands and sparkly ornaments.  Here’s a quick tip – it’s all about layers!  The more layers you add to a space or a vignette, the more interesting it becomes.  Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

The green Christmas trees are made of sea glass and starfish.  You can learn how I made them here!

Here is yet another shot of the living room, this time with the Christmas tree and all of the gifts (that I was totally not buying this year!) underneath.  Like the new media console, our weathered wood coffee table and sectional sofa are from Arhaus.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

Our coffee table displays my favorite travel souvenir of all time!  It’s a bowl hand painted by an artist in St. Lucia, which is where we honeymooned.  I will admit that I didn’t want to purchase the bowl at first because I thought it was too expensive (and to put things into perspective, remember that I purchase pretty much all of my home accessories at HomeGoods). 

Matt convinced me to get it, and I’m so glad he did because I LOVE IT! The bowl is painted on both sides and it looks amazing displayed on the middle shelf of our glass-top coffee table.  To dress it up for Christmas, I filled it with a few glittery bulbs.  I also added a few presents to the table, because, well, why not?

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

One final shot for today – our Christmas tree with all of our cheap, shatter-free ornaments.  I gave our tree some extra shine with craft store ribbon and teal beads from Target.  We don’t have a true tree-topper, so a tiny feathery peacock perches atop our tree.

Embrace My Space: Living Room at Christmas

If you haven’t noticed, I will point out in closing that turquoise, teal, lime green and red is our Christmas decor theme, which is also our everyday theme for the living room so it works out nicely.

Do you have a color theme for your Christmas decor?  Do you go traditional with red, green, silver and gold, or do you opt for something outside of the box?

I’ll be back again someday soon with some more living room progress.  Stay tuned!