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AS I WAS DECORATING our Christmas tree, it occurred to me that most of our ornaments are cheapy and generic.  With the exception of a handful of nice keepsakes, our collection is made up of those shatter-proof ornaments that you can buy by the dozen at Target.  While they look really pretty glowing on our tree at night, there isn’t anything all that special about them.  I suppose a Christmas ornament collection is something that grows over time, with a new ornament or two being added each year.

Since I don’t have a ton of lovely ornaments to enjoy on my own tree, I decided to pull together a few collections for ornament inspiration.  I did all my shopping at my favorite source for homemade goods – Etsy!

WOODLAND WINTER:  First up is a collection inspired by nature.  If you love a natural look on your Christmas tree, you may enjoy some of these rustic and woodsy ornaments.

Embrace My Space: Woodland Christmas Ornaments

  1. An ornament that will add style, texture and fragrance.  This scented ornament made from cloves and peppers can be found at Kaleda on Etsy.
  2. This sweet, snowy fawn was handmade by Dixie of Natural Woodland.
  3. Lovely felt acorns will add some sparkle to your rustic tree.  You can find these at Anna Belle Arts.
  4. These bulbs wrapped in vintage fabrics and topped with jute twine from Velvet Bean would create a lovely neutral base for your Christmas tree.
  5. A few pure white snowflakes from Tiny Treasures and Small Pleasures would add a delicate touch to your Tannenbaum.
  6. These owls from My Laughing Lion are a hoot and would add a dash of quirk to your woodland wonderland.

FUNKY FESTIVITIES:  If you’re a lover of all things trendy and quirky, check out some of these funky ornaments for your tree this year.  These ornaments are sure to serve as great conversation starters for your friends and family as they circle around the tree at your annual gathering.Embrace My Space: Funky Christmas Ornaments

  1. Crochet baubles are the perfect way to adorn your tree with 70s flair!  Stop by Arliss Custom Crochet to pick up a few.
  2. If vintage Americana is the theme of your tree, you must have this fluffy flamingo from Candy Apple Crafts!
  3. Hipsters will love this felt moustache from Nate’s Mommy Made It! for their trees or their faces.  Or wait, maybe they wont.  Are mustaches cool anymore?  I have no idea.
  4. Dark Decors made this scary little skull inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas from a recycled mini light bulb.
  5. These cone-shaped Santas in turquoise and red would add a vibrant pop to your evergreen.  Kadinela Jewelry makes these and a ton of other cute crocheted goodies.
  6. A sweet treat looks delicious on any tree.  Check out Amy Miller Designs if you’d like to pick up a dozen of these adorable cupcake ornaments for a sweet-toothed loved one.
  7. These Horrible Holiday Hooligan ornaments from Sebastian Reymers Design will add some levity during times of holiday stress.

COASTAL CHRISTMAS:  As all of you faithful Embrace My Space followers know, my heart is at the beach.  For all of my fellow lovers of coastal casual style, these seaside-inspired stunners are sure to light up your Christmas tree and your life. Embrace My Space: Coastal Christmas Ornaments

  1. Naturally white and beautiful, the handmade seashell ornaments from Beach Grass Cottage would look gorgeous in the twinkle of your Christmas lights.
  2. This tiny little octopus is all dressed up for the holidays.  Cheshire Felix Crafts has this and a few other festive octopi for your coastal Christmas tree.
  3. Sandi’s Shellscapes creates unique ornaments and home decor using shells and vintage finds.  While you can admire this lovely jellyfish here on Embrace My Space, you won’t be able to buy it because I already snagged it for myself!  It was just too lovely to resist.
  4. If the weather outside is frightful, a row of beach huts adorning your tree will take you back to your last tropical vacation.  Visit Castaways Hall for these and other coastal casual treasures.
  5. This gorgeous ornament from The Seashell Collection exemplifies the true brilliance of Mother Nature.
  6. Add some mussel to your tree with this brilliant blue shell and glass bead ornament.  At Sea Posie you can purchase this and many other simply stunning shell ornaments!

Do any of you have a themed Christmas tree?  Planned or not, our Christmas tree has a color theme since Matt and I tend to gravitate toward the colors teal, turquoise, aqua and lime.  Here’s a sneeky peeky of our holiday decor.  I’ll show you some more later on this month!  Embrace My Space:  Turquoise and Lime Tree