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AFTER SEEING this post about all of the lovely wallpaper covering our new house, you may be wondering how we’re making it all work.  The answer is simple:  we’re not!  To refresh your memory, this is the hot mess of wallpaper Matt and I are dealing with right now.  Wallpaper

I thought I’d give you a mini-tour of the house, one wallpaper at a time.  Let’s start at the top and work our way around.


Kitchen Before

This is our kitchen.  This is not our furniture.  All of the pictures in this post, in fact, are from when we did our second look at the house.  This way you will get a true before, during and after look at the transformation of our home when I actually get around to doing something productive.  Other than our table being in place of the one here, the kitchen looks exactly the same now as it did in this photo.  It has fruit wallpaper, fruit wallpaper border, fruit/flower cornice board and a white/brass ceiling fan.  Hotness.  Kitchen Before

Here is a vantage point from next to the kitchen sink looking into the living room.  This kitchen has 1 million redeeming qualities, none of which will be mentioned now because I am too distracted by the wallpaper.  Moving on.


Office BeforeThis is a shot of the office.  Due to the size, it’s extremely difficult to get a good angle for a photo.  The old office had a very masculine, executive-ish look.  Because I am not a man and the only CEO title I have on my resume is for this blog, the office soon will be stripped of all manliness.  Next.


DIning Room Before

I’m a fan of the striped wallpaper in the dining room.  The colors are neutral and the tailored look blends nicely with the wainscoting.  Please do not interpret this as meaning I’ll keep the room this way.  Everything must go!  I haven’t a clue what will happen in the dining room seeing as I don’t have any dining room furniture, but this will come with time.


Foyer Before

One of my favorite parts of our new house is the big foyer, which makes the house feel very open.  The tone-on-tone damask wallpaper would be nice if it were standing alone.  As you can see in this photo, however, you are assaulted by wallpaper from all angles when you come through the front door.  Let’s hang a right and take a look at the ivy-filled room next door.


Formal Living Room

Can somebody (anybody?!?) tell me what I’m supposed to do with this room?  I know  many family homes built in the 1990s included a formal living room. WHY?  Has this room ever been useful for any purpose other than giving moms another reason to yell at their kids? “DO not walk in the good living room, I just ran the sweeper!” (that was the Pittsburgh mom version).  My master plan is to make this room the new dining room and the current dining room, which you can see is right next door, will become part of the kitchen.  Then I will buy a private jet and an island in the Bahamas with all my leftover cash.

Powder Room Before

The last stop on our whirlwind wallpaper tour is the first floor powder room, which boasts really nice beadboard and crazy tartan wallpaper.  My brother-in-law dubbed it the Burberry bathroom.  I can’t disagree with this nickname.

So there you have it.  A tour of all the wallpapered rooms.  Fortunately the wallpaper is only on the first floor, although it may take us a few years to change it all out.  We’ll just see how long we can live with it.  If this photo (from day two in our new house) is any indication of my patience for the wallpaper, it may be sooner than I think…torn wallpaper

I hope you’re all having a happy Tuesday!  Stop over at the Embrace My Space Facebook page for my 25 Days of Christmas Tree posts if you want to see something more festive than old wallpaper this month!