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OR NOT if you’re a snow-adverse, vitamin D light addict who’s prone to hibernation in the months of November through March like yours truly.  Let’s be real.  If you live in the northern part of the United States, November and December are only mildly tolerable because we spend those months eating pie and drinking William’s Sonoma salted caramel hot chocolate (or dirty martinis, but who’s really keeping track?).

After that darn ball drops at midnight the holidays are over and it’s just you, January, February and March in it for the long haul.  Maybe you hit the gym to stave away the winter blues or pursue some other admirable New Year’s resolution.  I likely will spend the winter doing four things during my hours of leisure: (1) traveling to Florida, (2) thinking about traveling to Florida, (3) decorating my house so I feel like I live in Florida and (4) DIY projects.  This post will focus on number 4!  DIY Seaglass Holiday Trees

I figured I’d kick the season off right with a DIY project using supplies that take me to my favorite winter getaway – anywhere near the beach!  And if there’s anything that keeps my spirits high during the long, gray winter days it’s a good hot glue gun project.  If you’re a lover of all things coastal and looking for a fun way to incorporate that into your holiday decor, look no further than these DIY sea glass trees. 

If you’re a hardcore crafter then I’m sure you already have a hot glue gun and sticks at home.  You’ll just need to swing by the floral department at your local craft store to pick up the rest of your supplies.   I used three different sized floral cones to make my trees.

Each tree required about one bag of sea glass, which you should be able to find in the aisle with the glass beads and river rock.  Sea glass is glass (typically from bottles) that is found along fresh and salt water that is naturally weathered to a frosted appearance.  I also picked my bleached starfish “tree-toppers” up at the craft store.  If you’re a long time beachcomber or live in a coastal city, you may already have enough sea glass and starfish from your trips to the beach to skip the craft store altogether.  As a special touch, I got a few bunches of shiny berries to use as bulbs on my trees.   

After you have all of your supplies, the first step is to rinse your sea glass with warm water to remove any extra film.  Next, I grouped my sea glass by size, which makes it much easier when it comes time to glue it to the floral cone.  Then, starting at the bottom, glue a single row of sea glass around the circumference of your floral cone.

On the bottom row, use pieces of sea glass with flat edges so that your floral cone will sit flush on your table.  This will avoid a wobbly tree!  Continue to glue the sea glass on your cone in overlapping layers, creating the look of an evergreen tree by facing the pointy edges of the sea glass down.  Use the larger pieces of sea glass in the bottom layers and the smaller pieces as you make your way toward the top.

After you’ve covered your entire cone with sea glass, it’s time to trim your tree!  Glue your starfish to the top of your tree to create the topper.  Then, snip off individual berries from your bunch and glue them all over your tree.  Voila – Now you have a simple holiday DIY to adorn your mantel, bookshelf or dining table!

This project requires only a bit of skill, but a lot of time.  I made the small tree as a practice run to see how it would turn out.  Of course, I loved it and couldn’t wait to make the other two so I could post about them!  When my family was in town last weekend for Thanksgiving, my mom and I decided to work on the other two trees while the guys watched football.

It took us about two hours from start to finish to create one tree, making this the perfect project to tackle with a friend or family member.  Not only will you spend quality time together, but you’ll also have a festive takeaway at the end of the day.  Just make sure you have two glue guns on hand! 

When I woke up on Tuesday morning to a yard covered in snow, my little sea glass trees were a nice pick-me-up perched on the windowsill.  I’m not really sure where I will put them once all my Christmas decorations join the party, but I must say I’m enjoying how simple and elegant they look atop our makeshift media console.

I’m sure I’ll end up moving them around a few more times throughout the next month as I layer in my sparkly garlands and shiny Christmas bulbs.  Don’t worry, I’ll update you frequently as to their whereabouts!

What do you think?  Will you try a sea glass Christmas tree?  Do you have your own collection of sea glass to use for the project, or will you have to make a trip to the craft store?