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MY MORNING POST really had me feeling down in the dumps about the sad state of affairs that is my dining room.  I really didn’t want the only thing that I brought to the table tomorrow to be the Mean Green (bean casserole) that Matt and I had volunteered to make.  Especially after drooling over all of those gorgeous Thanksgiving tables earlier today.

After discovering that the red bell pepper I was planning to use in the recipe was less than edible, I braved the supermarket one final time before the big meal.  My game plan was to make a beeline for the produce department but of course I was distracted by pretty things, i.e., the flowers.  That’s when it hit me that I could make something clean and simple to adorn the table tomorrow.

I picked up a bunch of artificially colored daisies and some orange baby’s breath.  Don’t judge me; I was really running out of time. 

After digging through a few boxes I found a tall glass vase and a small tealight holder.  I placed the tealight holder inside the vase and filled it with water.  I clipped off the long stems and dead leaves, arranged the flowers to my liking and placed them in the tealight holder.  Then I surrounded the tealight holder and the flower stems with faux acorns for a little touch of fall whimsy.  In less than 10 minutes I had a simple, fall-inspired centerpiece to dress up the Thanksgiving table.

Don’t have an abundance of faux acorns lying around your house?  Why not use those old wine corks you’ve been saving for who-knows-what-reason?  The color and earthy texture of the corks would be a nice nod to the fall season.

Are you planning to head to the store today for any last-minute items?  Will you swing by the floral department to grab something to make a centerpiece, or will you be too busy working in the kitchen to even think about flowers?

Happy Cooking & Baking!