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THE HOLIDAYS are quickly approaching and if you’re like me you will spend the next month or so slowly driving yourself batty searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones while trying to stay in the black.  With the introduction of Etsy, the internet has become an ever bigger force to be reckoned with in terms holiday shopping (take that MALL!)  Last year I bought my family custom Kindle Fire covers from this shop on Etsy; they were a big hit!

As my loyal followers know, I am an Etsy junky and frequently feature the lovely little shops of my favorite artists right here on Embrace My Space.  This week I’m talking about Open Books, a nifty shop that upcycles vintage books into journals and other fun gifts for book lovers.  I especially love the framed wall art offered by Open Books.  Each art piece features the bindings of a small collection of books.

Pictured below is a travel inspired wall art showcasing bindings of various travel books.  These things really make the perfect holiday gift, and the best news is that Open Books has a collection of vintage books from which they will create custom orders!

Travel Inspired Framed Wall Art/Decor , Recycled Vintage Book Bindings Framed Photo via Open Books

I recently found the perfect baby shower gift for my friend, Katelyn, at Open Books.  Katelyn is decorating her son’s nursery with a Dr. Seuss theme and when I saw this artwork featuring the framed bindings of some of the Dr.’s best works I snapped one right up!

But I didn’t just stop there – oh no, siree!  This is a baby for crying out loud – many gifts are in order!  The crafting bug bit me leading up to the shower so I also made this adorable Lorax-inspired artwork to compliment the Seuss book binding art I picked up from Open Books.

I was Pinspired to make these frames one rainy afternoon while browsing for Seuss-related projects to make for Katelyn’s baby shower.  The frames feature Truffula trees, which are the target of evil corporate destruction in Dr. Seuss’s tale of The Lorax.  This was a fast and easy project that only required a few supplies from the local craft store. 

To make this Truffula tree framed art you will need:

  • photo frame (I used two 5x7s)
  • photo mat to fit your frame (optional)
  • 1 piece of cardstock
  • thin, two-toned yarn
  • bag of sparkly craft pom-poms
  • marker or scrapbook pen
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

First cut your cardstock to fit in your photo frame.  Remove the glass from your frame and place the cardstock inside.  Cut three pieces of yarn approximately equal in length and hot glue them to your cardstock.  Make sure you leave enough space at the bottom of your cardstock to write a Lorax-inspired quote.  Top each piece of yarn with a sparkly pom-pom.  Write “Speak for the Trees” or “Let them grow!” or one of your other favorite quotes from The Lorax underneath your Truffula trees.  Voila! Your very own Dr. Seuss artwork to hang on the wall or display on a shelf. 

After I made my Truffula tree art I had a few dozen sparkly pom-poms left over.  Since I couldn’t think of anything that I would do with them in the foreseeable future, I decided to make some Truffula tree pens to use at the baby shower. 

All I did was hot glue one pom-pom to the top of a colored pen.  These made fun table decor for the shower and came in handy when it was time play baby games!

And tell me, when was the last time you attended a shower without eating sugary treats the entire time?  This shower was no exception!  Sticking with the Dr. Seuss theme, my mom and I made these ridiculous Lorax cookies out of Nutter Butters, yellow Betty Crocker Cake Icing and some sugar candy eyes.

All we did was use the “ribbon” nozzle on the cake icing tube to pipe a moustache at the top of each cookie.  Using a tiny dab of frosting, we topped off each moustache with a pair of eyes, creating an army of Loraxes for all of the baby shower guests to enjoy.

What do you all think of these whimsical Seuss goodies? Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss story that you’d like to turn into art?  I’d love to hear all about it!