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…and wake up where beige, boring spaces are far behind me!!  A girl can dream, right?

Facebook fans of Embrace My Space know that I post a Space of the Day every weekday.  With the exception of Fridays, when I feature some type of booze-related space just in time for Happy Hour, my Spaces of the Day run the gamut from Caribbean cabanas to remodeled barns.  Sometimes I get on a roll and post inspirational photos with some type of theme.  Inspired by a gorgeous wedding I attended recently, last week’s spaces featured showstopping chandeliers.  This week, for no particular reason, I’ve been posting spaces featuring the colors of the rainbow.

Many people are terrified of using color in their spaces for fear that eventually they wont like the color anymore.  Newsflash!  There are very few things that you will love for your whole life.  I mean, do you still really even like that sweater, pair of shoes, restaurant or husband you just couldn’t live without a few short years ago?

All kidding aside (looooove you Matty – if you’re even reading this), your taste in home decor will likely evolve as the years pass and as trends come and go.  Making smart foundational purchases, whether it be a home with enough space to accommodate your family or a sofa with classic lines that will never go out of style, is the true key to continuing happiness with your home.    The most important thing to remember is that walls can be repainted, furniture can be re-upholstered and textiles (i.e., duvet covers, pillow covers, throws, coverlets) can be replaced.

Don’t deny yourself a hot pink wall in the foyer if that’s what you really want right now!  If you hate it next year, change it!  Change is good.  I invite you to take some inspiration from your old schoolyard friend ROY G. BIV and welcome some of these primary colors into your home.

Red Dining Room

Photo via:  Cococozy.com

Photo via:  Lonny

Yellow Foyer

Photo via:  Apartment Therapy

Green Kitchen

Photo via:  Coastal Living

Photo via:  House Beautiful

Indigo Dining Room

Photo via:  Elle Decor

Photo via:  Little Green Notebook

Still not ready to commit to a color?  Why not try them all on for size!?

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