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REMEMBER when I showed you the great “Before” and “During” photos of our basement makeover here?  If not, here’s a reminder of what this joint looked like before I started wrecking it.

Don’t worry, we cleaned up a little bit. 

Ah, that’s better.  At this point I bet you are absolutely dying to see what is going on with this bad ass fireplace that I keep teasing.  Well, maybe not dying, but hopefully you are at least remotely interested after seeing this post of our painter, Alisa Stehman of Stehman Interiors, doing her thang!  Talk about someone who’s dying to see this thing finished.  She’s been working so hard. 

Well, my friends, Alisa’s work has paid off because currently she is more than halfway done with the fireplace and it looks A-MAY-ZZZZING!  I could not wait until she finished the whole thing to blog about it (have I mentioned I’m no good at surprises?) so here goes nothin: 

BOOM!  I don’t even know what to say other than BOOM.  There is really no other way for me to describe the deliciousness of this fireplace.  BOOM! 

You may be surprised to learn that, despite how amazing this thing looks, this was not the original plan.  We actually were going to tile the fireplace with arabesque tile in order to tie it in with our Moroccan theme.  When we priced it out the quote was through the freakin’ roof!  Like, over the top.  I was really disappointed until the lightbulb went off in my little lawyer-turned-creative-wannabe head.  Stencil!

So I marched right on over to Etsy in search of the perfect stencil for our fireplace.  We bought this stencil, which was less than $40, from an Etsy shop that for some reason is no longer in existence….hmmmmm.  I’m not sure what happened there.  The exorbitant price tag on the tile turned out to be a very happy accident because using the stencil meant that we could customize the color combination.  With our good ol’ HomeGoods rug for inspiration we picked out a palette of black, teal, grey and green. 

There were a ton of stencils on Etsy that had only the trellis pattern, which is the part that you see stenciled in black.  Instead, we went with a stencil that had a damask pattern in the center in order to really pull out the flourishes printed on our rug.  Alisa sketched out the stencil, used joint compound to create a raised pattern (which you can really see in the picture of her painting above), and is working on hand painting each and every little detail of the stencil.

What can I say?  I absolutely adore it and wish I had it in my nonexistent home.  Here’s a wider shot so you can see how this plays with the bar area on the back wall. 

You can see how the teal on the stencil ties in with the teal distressed cabinets I painted and the teal on the back of the bar shelves.  It’s so lovely to see how it is all starting to come together.  The only good thing about the weather starting to change is that this will be the perfect space to spend a cold winter day!  Soon there will be a TV mounted above the fireplace, creating the ultimate entertainment zone!