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HAVE YOU ever found yourself wondering, “Now, what will I do with all of my empty Maker’s Mark bottles?”Well, my friends, you need look no further than today’s post as I provide you a solution to this most-puzzling and frequently asked question….

A bottle of vampire blood for your Halloween bar!  I know, I know, you’re probably kicking yourself wondering why you hadn’t come up with this simple solution yourself.  Although this post may seem premature because Halloween is still about a month away, when I went to HomeGoods last week it was made clear to me that I was WAY behind on sharing my Halloween cheer.  There were ghouls and goblins everywhere!  I also thought it best to give you ample time to drain your bottles of Maker’s in case you don’t have one just lying around the house.

This was an easy project that took less than 30 minutes (after the Whisky was gone, of course).  First, I soaked an empty bottle of Maker’s Mark in warm soapy water so that I could easily peel off the original label.  While the bottle was drying, I busted out my old scrapbooking supplies to make a creepy new label for my bottle of “blood.”

To create my label, I glued a green die cut picture frame to a piece of neutral scrapbook paper.   I wanted my “blood” to be Type A negative so I put a big “A” sticker in the middle of my scrapbook paper.  You also could draw on your letter if you don’t want to buy a whole packet of stickers for this project.  Then, using a red scrapbooking pen (any type of red magic marker would work), I went to town drawing a gross blood splatter around my “A” sticker.  After my label was complete I glued it to the front of the Maker’s Mark bottle using a glue stick.

That’s it!  An easy peasy Halloweenie craft for you to add to your collection of spooky home decor.  Take a look at how cool my bottle of blood looked on the Halloween bar top at my first place.  This photo was “color-boosted” for added creepiness! Mwuahahaha! Spooky.     If you wanted to kick it up a notch you always could add water to the bottle that’s been colored with some red food coloring.  Amp the creep factor up even more by serving wine at your Halloween party out of this bottle.  You could even offer your guests a selection of “bloods” to choose from – Type A for your doctor and lawyer friends and Type O to please the masses.

Happy Haunting (and Manhattan drinking) everyone!  Have you all thought about what you’ll be for Halloween this year?  What about your dogs and kiddos?  Tell me all about it!