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WHO STOOD IN LINE this past week for the new iPhone 5?  I didn’t because I just got the iPhone 4s about two weeks ago, which I house in a snazzy black & white damask case from 5 Below.  Lucky for those of you who gave up valuable weekend shopping time whilst standing in line for your new iToy, I curated a fun collection of unique desktop docking stations for your new device that you can pick up on Etsy (via your iPhone 5).

My first pick is a simple way to corral all of your vital desktop accessories; pens and iPhone.  It comes to us from Barn Wood Mac and is made from a chunk of real cedar that has been finished with a coat of protective wax.  Achieve style and function for just $35!

Photo via: Barn Wood Mac

My next pick is so clever and perfect for anyone who loves golf.  In an era of technological updates moving at the speed of light, Dock Artisan takes us back to the old school by repurposing vintage wooden golf clubs into docking stations for all forms of iToys.  To enhance the natural wood grain, his vintage clubs are coated with a combination of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil.  Dock Artisan offers golf club iAccessories starting at $70.

Photo via: Dock Artisan

Keeping on the old school theme, coming to us from iRetrophone this rotary phone brought into the 21st century would be a great addition to your grandpa’s office.  This docking station breaks the bank at a price tag of $350, which may be tough to stomach after dropping a few hundred on your iPhone 5!

Photo via: iRetrofone

If you live in a dual iPhone household like myself, then this beautiful cedar docking station is for you!  Woodtec creates custom iCreations for the Apple-loving family.  This lovely creation will take you back to nature and charge your iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, all for just $158.

Photo via: Woodtec

I am totally digging this next find from Hairqueen48, whose tagline is “cool, fun stuff for cool, fun people.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  This funky docking station/lamp is made from an old beam (the wood) and a recycled solar water heater (the copper fittings).  Industrial chic at it’s best, this piece is great for anyone who loves that exposed, loft-style look.  Get it for $105.

Photo via: Hairqueen48

Last and my FAVORITE is this hot pink number from Rich Neeley Designs.  This Etsy shop features a library full of iPhone docking stations, so you’re bound to find a book that speaks to your heart (except for maybe 50 Shades).  I really hope my husband is reading my post today, because, HINT HINT, this would be a really great stocking stuffer for someone at just $54!

Photo via: Rich Neeley Designs

While we’re on the topic, I can’t leave you today without sharing my favorite quote from Alice.

Alice asked, ‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cheshire Cat.

I usually don’t get all personal on Embrace My Space, but to me this quote is about more than just Alice making her way through Wonderland.  I recently took a leap of faith, leaving the practice of law full-time to delve into the world of interior design.  No matter how many questions I asked friends and family about what I should do with my life (and my expensive law degree), every answer sounded a lot like the Cheshire Cat’s response to Alice’s question.

I will say this to those of you who want to be somewhere else (and this applies to some people close to me and you know who you are):  Decide where YOU want to go and start making your way THERE!  NOW!  You’ll never get there by asking others where you should go.  And if you get lost along the way, use your iPhone 5 to look up directions.  I had to close that loop.

What’s your favorite docking station from this selection?  Have you devised any clever ways to contain your iToys?  I’d love to hear about them.