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HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!  Have you all seen the HomeGoods happy commercials?  This isn’t just clever marketing people; HomeGoods is a legit mood booster.  At least if you are obsessed with spaving (spending + saving) on fabulous home items like yours truly!

You skeptics out there may see the price tag on a HomeGoods item declaring savings of 40% or more and think it’s bogus.  While I can’t speak about every item in the store, I can tell you that I have purchased lovely items from HomeGoods and later found them in other stores for double the price!

Take these mirrors that flanked our headboard in our first place for example.  Matt and I purchased these at the Pittsburgh HomeGoods grand opening last October for $70 a pop.  We later saw them hanging in a beautiful home decor shop in Key West a few months later.  I was curious about the price and when I checked the tag was astounded to see they were selling for $299 each!  HomeGoods happy dance!!If you stop by HomeGoods in the next month you will be assaulted with all manner of Halloween home goodies.  Since I don’t have my own abode right now, I refrained from stocking up on additional spooky-inspired barware on my visit to HomeGoods yesterday (read more about my lack of a home here).  That’s not to say that I left empty-handed.  I just could not resist these beauties.  I guess I have a thing for great mirrors.  And why buy one when you can buy TWO?  I know I just said a paragraph ago I don’t have my own abode which is why I didn’t buy Halloween goodies, but these mirrors were definitely worthy of an exception.They have all of my favorite hues of teal blue and electric green.  The light distressed wood, which fits in perfectly with my eclectic coastal design aesthetic, is something that always works for me!  When I get my second place these babies will certainly set the mood for a gorgeous relaxed space.  I’m thinking maybe a new color palette for our next master bedroom?!?  Only time will tell.  The one thing I do know is that a mirror will always work to brighten up a space so you should always buy one that you love, especially if it’s a great buy!

These mirrors weren’t the only HomeGoods purchases made yesterday.  We got lots of great goodies for my in-laws’ basement makeover.  I’ll post more about those soon!  Have a nice weekend everyone!