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LAST TIME I showed you the bar he looked like this.  A little unkempt with the hanging wires, gaping ceiling and all that stuff, but I was really excited to reveal the progress. Now, he’s been dressed up a little bit so I wanted to show you some of the details.  We put a few bits and bobs up on the shelves just to get a feel for the space.  Styling shelving is a tricky little task that takes time, an eye for balance and A LOT of editing.  Step one is throwing it all out there to see whatcha workin with.  We are still at step one.  Lots of arranging and rearranging to come.     

A change you may notice is the beautiful glow shining down upon the glass barware and the recycled glass countertop.  We had several little eyeball spotlights recessed into the ceiling above the bar to show off the beautiful live-edge shelving and all of the goodies that we will display.     

And get a load of that sparkly glass countertop! As I mentioned here, we chose a Robal Glass countertop, which is made from recycled post-consumer, pre-landfill glass and soy-based resins.  According to the Robal Glass website, Robal Glass has up to an 82% recycled content by weight, which makes it environmentally friendly and a perfect option for all of you lovers of green design!The coolest part of the product is the aging process, which reveals a gorgeous translucent depth over time.  Robal Glass comes in nine unique colors, all of which lighten over about 12 months as a result of the resin curing.  The color we chose for our Robal Glass countertop is amber.  When it is all said and done, our amber glass countertop will cure to look like the small swatch in this photo.  I plan to take photos of the curing process over the next year to track the change in color.  According to the vendor, Luciana’s Kitchen & Bath in Boyertown, PA, the countertop may cure lighter in small sections at a time. 

Here’s a better look at the whole bar area, including the live-edge bar top that I am IN LOVE with.  These acrylic barely there bar stools from CB2 are the perfect balance to the heavy wood and wrought iron bar.  Doesn’t this area just scream for you to have a few beers while watching The Kardashians, ahem I meant to say the NFL, on Sunday nights?   

The bar looks even better with the recessed lights shining down on all of its deliciousness.  He just screams,”I’m sexy and I know it.”  I think this bar top and bar stool combo is cool enough to fit in at any city hot spot, but casual enough to create a perfect basement hangout. 

As much as I LOVE what’s going on in the bar area, I don’t want to neglect the other side of the space.  The cozy TV zone is equally beautiful.  I gave you a little peek of one of our sofas here, and now here’s a look at one of our gorgeous little ikat club chairs.  We also finally threw down the color inspiration for it all – our beautiful HomeGoods rug.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the fireplace that I introduced to you here.  It’s getting all dressed up as well with a stunning hand-painted design.  Here’s a shot of our expert painter, Alisa Stehman of Stehman Interiors, painting the raised design she stenciled last week.  Just you wait to see the final results of her work.  It’s going to be seriously stunning.

What does everyone think of the progress?  I’m super excited for the whole thing to come together.  We still have curtain panels to hang and furniture to place, but we are getting so close!