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THIS WEEK my featured Etsy shop is a stop that we made along our basement makeover journey.  If you’ve been to Embrace My Space before, you know that I am working with my mother-in-law on upgrading her finished basement with colors and motifs inspired by Moroccan design.  One element that she really wanted to incorporate into the space was a bistro height table to nestle in the back corner next to the bar area.  I thought it would be really cool to hang a cluster of three Moroccan lanterns above the table to create a cozy little nook.  Research led me to the conclusion that real deal Moroccan lanterns were going to be way too large for our low below-grade ceilings.  Enter LITdecor.

Photo: LITdecor

Vanessa, owner of LITdecor, hand paints colored mason jars with amazing Moroccan-inspired motifs.  Her creations can be used as candle holders, lanterns and pendant lights, which was perfect for our space.  I reached out to Vanessa to see if she could hardwire five teal mason jars into a cluster-style chandelier for above our bistro table.  This is the result!

At my request, she painted a different design on each jar in either black or shimmery green paint.  The effect of the different paint colors is a unique chandelier that casts a prism-like glow on the surrounding walls and ceiling.

I love how the chandelier adds soft light to this cozy corner.  The teal glass ties in with the neighboring bar shelving and the Moroccan motifs play nice with the overall inspiration for the space.  We are going to be cozy-ing up this corner even more with some beautiful drapery and I can’t wait for you to see it when it’s done!

I think this mason jar chandelier did just the trick and is the perfect substitute for an overly large cluster of Moroccan lanterns that may have felt oppressive hanging from the low ceiling.

What do you all think?  Would you enjoy a glass of wine or sangria perched upon one of these graphic  bar stools?  Will you check out LITdecor to add some Moroccan flair to your own space?